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I am taking sides. I am on the side of anybody who will rid this country of Din and his political pariahs.

In the years gone by, I have been witness to an obscene procession of Malays, pseudo-Malays, wannabes Malays, and also a number of those who lay claim to being “almost a Malay”, pass before my tiredly weary eyes. Each of these Malays unashamedly advancing their own vested agendas with no other thoughts than to make hay while the sun shines.

Morons, clowns, religious zealots, political pariahs, paralytic kleptocratic pillaging, and plundering idiots claiming aristocratic lineage and some bereft of any lineage, and of course most common of all… the arrogant, corrupt Malays obnoxiously claiming entitlements that they confer upon their own useless selves!

There is a purpose to everything and surely the purpose of politics in Malaysia is to pander to the baser wants of these ingrates who choose to practice this “craft”. Only one thread binds them suffocatingly together: GREED.

An unending line of Malays that flocks towards their own material Nirvana, prompting good, decent Malays to ask the question:  “How can we Malays ever climb out of the depths of hopelessness and despair that our very own brothers and sisters have already consigned us to?”

I am a Malay and I know the pain and despair of being a Malay in 2020. I know the hopelessness of seeing Malays who are unable to comprehend where there are now vis a vis the “others” who are “different” and better than them in many things.

What these thieves, robbers, plunderers, and pillagers do, they do in full view of us all! For goodness sake, we know that Umno is now being pulled apart. We know there is an alignment of a faction within Umno who are with PAS and Bersatu.

Each needing the other to prop each other up so that together they can try to survive politically and continue to do what they are now doing…pillage and plunder our national coffers for their own ends. And we know that the recalcitrant faction within Umno is led by Hishamuddin who thinks himself Din’s successor as Prime Minister.

Surely a marriage made in heaven for the good people of Johor and also for that Sultan down South!  A Johorian as PM, another Johorian in waiting to be PM and, soon, their own King on the throne! Just the thought of that is already making some guys salivate thinking of the richest that can come their way when the heavenly stars align their way!

And… what of Azmin and KJ… don’t they too want to be PM? Huh! And do not forget Pas that also harbours aspiration, however comical, to be Kingmaker in the forlorn hope that just maybe, Pas will have one of their own to at least be a DPM. As they say, anything is possible in politics so let them all dream of being PM! A rotating PM perhaps? Not to worry…they will think of something! For starters, there is already RM$80million allocated to JASA to help them on their way! God help us all!

We know that Anwar, Najib and Zahid Hamidi stand in their way. And we know that each of these three also have their own agendas. Some certainly pricking at the conscience of a wretched nation already in disarray, and some, purely personal… for surely even we know that the only thing that could save Najib Razak from incarceration is a King’s pardon! And for Zahid Hamidi he wants to be sure that at the very least, that the judiciary will not be instructed by their political masters to do what is politically expedient!

And what of brother Anwar? Once again the stars are aligned in his favour. Without Anwar, Najib and Zahid are toast. Not only are they toast.. they will be burnt toast, but together they have already given sleepless nights to Din and his band of political pariahs these last few days. And with these three are some seriously serious heavy artillery… Tajuddin Rahman, Noh Omar, Bung Mokhtar and Ahmad Jazlan (Machang) to mention a few.

And behind Din and Anwar Ibrahim are lined up a band of, to be kind, a band of questionable characters with various “blessings” hanging over their head. And what blessing is finally conferred upon them depends on who is in government… for we all know that in Malaysia… the winner takes it all.

Will the more responsible of these incorrigible Malays, please stand up and be counted. So far only Anwar Ibrahim has done so. All others are fighting their battles through proxies and surrogates, too fearful to do battle themselves. Scheming, plotting, and knifing each other in the back. Enemies under the blanket. No friend, No enemies. Only opportunities to buy over frogs and those whose personal fortunes and personal fate will be in the hands of those with political power.

And what of the others? They are all frogs of the lowest order. They all hope to be tempted by vast sums of money and the promise, however perfunctory, the promise of political power. Political power that will certainly be abused as a means to an end – their own end… all bereft of any conscience for King, Country, and its people.

And then they are the  “others” who will have to work on their conscience (if any) and wait for the dust to settle between these Malay protagonists before they too start horse-trading to try and carve a relevant role for themselves and the people they represent.

Some will take what is on offer, some will pick up what crumbs are thrown their way… and some just may be able to “negotiate” a meaningful alliance or coalition with the all-conquering Malay political “elite” of the moment. And once all that is done, what do they do next? Go on plundering and pillaging their nation’s resources? Or, do they together, begin the unenviable task of nation-building what is left of a wretched and broken nation?

The answer to all that is in the laps of the Gods. Praying will not help. And as much as this is a “Malay” fight I do wish that the “others” do show a bit of backbone and take sides. Be courageous and throw your lot with one or the other political dogs fighting for their political relevance and political survival… take your pick.

And while all this is being played on centre stage, what of the next generation of politicians? Wither are they now and wither will they go? Either the cat has got their tongue or they have all lost the gift of the gab! Are they too waiting for the dust to settle before they start their horse-trading?

Are they unfamiliar with standing firm on their own principles and Carpe Diem – seize the moment to do what is right for all of us? Does not Rafizi, Nurul, and the many DAP’s young cadres have the tenacity and energy to stay the course and fight for what, so they tell us, they believe in? A new Malaysia. Malaysia for all. An end to corruption and money politics…and all the stuff that you and I want?

I am taking sides. I am on the side of anybody who will first and foremost rid this country of Din and his political pariahs… no matter what the price will be for me in the short run.

Even if I have to suffer the insufferable company of convicted felons and others of his ilk dalam masa terdekat… for I know that once the dust has settled, good will prevail over evil, right over wrong and justice will be done. The weekend is almost over…brace yourself for what is to come next week. 

Meanwhile, May The Force Be With You! 


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9 days ago

Keep on dreaming.

Our nation is now at 5th stage.

Crooks waiting to replace crooks.

11 days ago

Too little to late Sir? The euphoria when PH with Mahathir at the helm? Where has it gone? To the sewers eh?! Hoping for a… Read more »

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