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Umno has only one President, Zahid Hamidi.

Let me put things in perspective. TSMY cannot do government without PAS and UMNO. As the largest faction in that coalition, Umno will want the composition of this PN government, backdoor or not, to reflect that fact.

In an ideal world, the three leaders of this backdoor government, TSMY, Zahid Hamidi and Hadi should have had, by now, resolved that most fundamental equation: The makeup of the backdoor government.

Who will be PM, who will be DPM, who will be its Ministers, Heads of GLCs, and who will be nominated by each of the coalition partners to represent them in any other political appointments to be made? But PN is not a perfect world. Greed, arrogance, power, stupidity, and hubris have all been thrown into the political conundrum.

And then, there is naked wanton ambition. Politicians who are driven by greed. They seek political power for financial gain and personal glory. Umno, more than the other political entities in Malaysia today, is cursed by these undesirables who seek political power for personal financial gain. Alas, PN, to their detriment, also has many of these undesirables.

And add to that toxic mix, there is Anwar Ibrahim!

In the past, do you see anyone in Umno fighting to be Umno’s choice as Prime Minister? Do you see any factions within Umno fighting to advance their personal interests and agendas at the expense of Umno’s? Do you see any pretenders within Umno challenging the president of Umno during his term of office?

Do you see anyone speaking for Umno except their President? Did you see Umno descend into turmoil and break into a thousand factions when they lost the last general election? No, you don’t. Najib resigned as Umno’s President and Zahid Hamidi took over.

Do you see Umno having meetings after meetings and telling us that while the meeting had been positive and that many things were agreed upon, BUT, it will take another week before an announcement is made as to what has been finally agreed to by all present? No, you don’t because Umno is united and will abide by what it’s MKT has decided.

However, if you are to believe what you read in the Main Stream Media, Social Media and the rantings of those people who have nothing better to do than to speculate, adjudicate, and ruminate what they think is happening in Umno….you would be thinking that Umno today is racked with factionalism and that, factionalism is now threatening the ruin of Umno….but is this really happening in Umno today?

Who wants us all to believe that Umno is now in turmoil and being wrecked asunder from within and without? Let me tell you who! The very individuals who had wrecked Pakatan Harapan are now doing the same to Umno; Azmin, Hamzah Zainudin, Zuraidah, and TSMY.

This treasonous band of mercenary politicians are now playing Umno like a fiddle!

They are herding Umno ke sini dan ke sana! For this band of treasonous politicians to survive, TSMY needs to divide and rule over his coalition partners in PN for they do not have the numbers that Umno has in parliament to give them legitimacy to govern in their own right.

For now, all that TSMY and his band of desperado has, are the powers vested in the Prime Minister. And this power they have used and abused time and time again to their advantage. TSMY has appointed his own to Cabinet. He has appointed undeserving politicians to head the GLCs.

TSMY had not allowed Parliament to convene, appointed one of his own as its Speaker and, audaciously proposed that the King declares an Emergency to facilitate his hold on Government indefinitely.

Already under TSMY, we have seen Tan Sri Musa Aman acquitted of all 46 charges of corruption and money laundering related to timber concessions. 

Riza Aziz, a stepson of Najib Razak, was discharged over five counts of money laundering charges involving US$248mil (RM1.25bil) linked to 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB). Bung Mokhtar, charged with three corruption charges has been appointed as Deputy CM of Sabah.

Najib Razak, a convicted felon, is still roaming Bolehland doing “work” for TSMY back door government. TSMY promise of good governance and a clean, responsible, and accountable government is hogwash. 

But Umno is still together. UMNO’s MKT is yet, until today, to propose any names to TSMY as to whom should be their choice as TPM to represent UMNO.  

They have not proposed  Hishammuddin Hussein,

Umno has not proposed Ismail Sabri Yaakob


Nor have they proposed Ku Li.


Why is there any need for Umno to propose any names? To date, in the last week, in two meetings of Umno’s MKT to discuss the present political impasse with its other coalition partners in PN, Umno tidak discuss siapa akan di calonkan sebagai TPM. What need is there to discuss this? 

In Umno, there can only be one person that talks for Umno. Only one Umno member that can and will represent Umno in PN. Only one Umno member has the appointed and moral authority to talk for Umno and represent Umno at the highest level in this PN government.  That man is their president, Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. Enough said. 





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