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Monday, August 3, 2020
by Toffee 

Do yourself and all of us us a favour Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohmmed, do your children possibly a bigger favour they probably don’t have the heart to tell you that, but your senility is showing like a woman’s petticoat passing.
It can’t be the press, you say one thing at one time then contradict what you said in the first place next and give a lot of cock and bull stories to justify your cheating means.
It has been recorded by your statements on the Anwar Ibrahim succession issue, it is either your senility or your vile ways to get back into power to push your agenda to get your son as heir apparent to sit on the seat of the Prime Minister.
Then again that move in itself displays your senility, your son is not the stuff Prime Minister’s are made of,  in fact he looks so much like laughing stock and was probably made Menteri Besar of Kedah for the same reason you made Najib Prime Minister.
Your crooked means to get your son up there as PM, has made you the laughing stock of Malaysians and even so more people in your home state Kedah, one who told me you seem to be in second childhood trying to play hide and seek with your children and it is so damn funny, so much so the people who once adored you and allowed you to do almost anything including taking on the royalty have now discarded you, you are  a laughing stock with them.
You have admitted many a time that your choice off successors have always been bad, that is because you do not consult, you make popular decisions and you ignore what is really good for the nation.
 If you had your head over your shoulders you would have made Rafidah your successor, but then you are so conservative you dared not make the decision that was one big failure of your leadership.
You were not too much of  a leader, you led simple Malays folk by giving them the feel good factor so you literally robbed them and gave your children and your cronies what was rightfully theirs.
You literally pushed both Musa Hitam and Tengku Razaleigh out of office because they were not subservient to you and that was the only reason.
You always expected your second in command to agree with you and if they didn’t you treated them with suspicion and did everything in your power to move them out, Anwar was on the verge of exposing you when he came out with his campaign to get rid or corruption, nepotism and cronyism.
You ruined succession in the country you drove away good leaders and did what you wanted and maneuvered things so that you could eventually put your son in place and that would have been most convenient.
After affording preferential treatment to your children and cronies  to succeed in business –  and after they amassed really disproportionate wealth you knew you had to legitimize it,   and what better way than have one of your sons as the Prime Minister of Malaysia to ensure that no investigations would be carried out against your children over the vast wealth created for them by decisions you took whilst  Prime Minister thereby getting the people to forget that even happened and legitimise this disproportionate wealth over time.
Your son is a nobody in politics, his sudden growth of beard is not convincing the Malays of Kedah, more Kedahans feel he is irrelevant and  you have done your time so goodbye for now.
The talk in town is that even you have created vast wealth for yourself and it is held in proxy by others and by corporations that have been around since your days as Prime Minister, this talk is still very much around so much so the corporations cannot achieve their full potential because people still suspect that whilst your proxies walk around as distinguished billionaires.
You have an inherent fear of Anwar and I am certain you will go to any extent to ensure that he is not the PM of Malaysia, you showed it by sacrificing the Government you were entrusted to run by people, you were the mastermind of that move and everything else is hogwash, you are still part of that move because you do not want Anwar Ibrahim to become Prime Minister.
The immense sacrifice that Anwar and Kit Siang made in accepting you although you jailed Anwar for trumped up Sodomy charges, and Kit Siang’s son for reporting a rape shows you that these men put the interest of the nation first before themselves and their children at a time Najib was treating the national treasury as his families Piggy Bank and running the country into Bankruptcy, it was even worse then all of you envisaged.
And yet after they made that huge sacrifice you sacrificed them and pretend it was not you, weren’t you the man who was so much against sodomy? In the light of photographic evidence you did not even ask Azmin to go on leave till investigations were complete, you kept him close to you and insinuated that it was a political ploy. The other person in the picture even admitted it was him.
You kept Azmin because he was part of your plan and I believe he still is, that is why he has not committed himself to any other political party, he still awaits you and your plan to make him the interim PM and eventually to be succeeded by your son – admit it.
You are such a slimy character you  got DAP really licking your toes they believed in you.
You have a complete hatred for the DAP and more still for Anwar Ibrahim, because with those two parties Anwar was the foregone choice for Prime Minister of Malaysia.
In reality there can be no man who is more deceitful than you in Malaysian politics.
Anwar Ibraahim was  incarcerated by you, only because he was out to stop the corruption, the nepotism and the cronyism you created in government and in UMNO in particular. You saw that as a direct challenge to you and your plans to create immense wealth for yourself and your family, you borrowed ideas from Rockefeller, Ford and the rest, you followed Hitler you are  an ardent  disciple of  Adolf Hitler, your Holy Book is the Mein Kampf and you are very much a fascist to the bone, you just can’t hide it, no matter how hard you try, for ever so often it comes back, and exactly like Hitler attacking the Jews you attack the Chinese all in pursuit of your own selfish agenda of making your family one of the richest in the world, via your policy of the  ends justifying the means.
To do this without being hindered you stunted the growth of the Malays, but what do you careafter all you are not a Malay, and you saw the opportunity to really use them to meet your own selfish ends, to legitimise your own Malaayness, you were one of the architects of Bumiputraism. Let all the Malaysians know from the Malayalam word  bhūmiputran(ഭൂമിപുത്രൻ). Your fake Malayness can be tracked.
You got them to disrespect their fellow Malaysians of other races, like Hitler you made them believe they were the superior race in this land at least, you allowed education policy to be manipulated to the extent that many Malays who have graduated actually do not deserve their degrees and you bloody well know that.
You made professors of unqualified people, you accorded not only degrees but Masters and PhD level qualifications to people who were not fit for it and conveniently placed them in a bloated Civil society.
For the Malays if they were  in UMNO and had the qualifications no matter how useless they were given promotions and placed in high level positions.
If there was a higher promotion you were promoted and if there were two of them, two positions were created and you ran away from it because you knew the system would collapse smack on your face,  it has and it has now so much so there are so many who are asking, how can rationale human beings with (supposedly) such good credentials still support a Najib, a Hadi Awang, a Zahid and even a Rosmah.
Well the answer is with you, do some soul searching but then I doubt you can, because you can’t soul search for two reasons, you are convinced you do not have a soul, and the second is even if you want to, your senility is showing like a woman’s petticoat.
You sold the trust of the people of Malaysia when knowingly you backed Najib for Prime Minister even when he had the Altantuya Murder hanging over his head. You even were quoted as having said he has taken an Oath in the mosque that he did not do it, then later used that against him when you wanted him out – the ends justifies the means.
That is how you twist and turn stories, you are forgetful when it is convenient to be forgetful that is a trait every Malaysian is aware of, today you say the Chinese are rich and the Malays are poor, I am wondering if you have mega Chinese Billionaires fronting for you and I believe you have so you can continue with that narrative.
Why are the Malays so poor as you put it, it is because of UMNO politics, money that was supposed to go for Malay development went instead into the pockets of the UMNO leadership, we have the BBMB scandal that was totally Bumiputra, we have the  countless audit reports by the Auditor General that have just been placed aside without even consideration leave alone action, then there is FELDA scams, Tabung Haji scams, you name we have it,  and thank God you have  few Chinamen in this country who will still put their money here for without the Hong Leongs, The Kok Groups, the  Tan Chongs etc etc we we may have been bankrupt today.
Money that was supposed to go to the development of the Malays were taken as an entitlement by the UMNO elite who did not even know how to use it and wasted it.
There is very little that can be done against the corrupt in this country because if you really put your finger on the lid there will be just too much.
The only man who can really get the Malays out of this predicament is Anwar Ibrahim and possibly Shafie Apdal, but in your fear of that marriage you did it, you drove a wedge between them.
In saying all that  I said I am not for a moment taking my focus or making excuses for Najib, Najib has to face and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, you may be too old for that but your children may be in line for that.
You really do not have to worry too much, Anwar is not as vindictive as you are, in a Cerama in Taman Sri Andalas in the run up to the 2013 General Elections he told us this, “I know what Mahathir did , I will not throw him in Jail, but I’ll call him and tell him to return this,this and that so we can claim back all our money”.
Najib is your mirror image and that is why dislike him because at this age when you look at your image in the mirror and see those wrinkles and the aging skin you completely dislike it, in the same manner you now dislike your protege a man you put there knowing he was corrupt, incapable and dishonest only because you said it was  that his father gave you that opportunity.
What a stupid reason, like I said your senility is showing like a woman’s petticoat, so before you lose more respect stay at home end keep quiet let the country sort itself out, and stop using senile logic to try and sort the terrible mess you put us in.

SOURCE : https://toffeesturn.blogspot.com/2020/08/tdm-sad-to-say-but-your-senitlity-is.html