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Malays accepted all in the name of race & religion? Bulldust!

Hi Melina; Lets be honest!!…Why would a Malay give up all the benefits & handouts which are showered to them in abundance?. Why should they even consider fair distribution when everything is well set up for them? Right from the Womb to the Tomb, they have been provided. Of course, there will be some who become billionairs or millionairs in the process and some remaining status quo. The Malays have accepted all of this in the name of race & religion. I am surprised at why people are so upset with the proposed buget 2021. Matter of fact; the Malays have been enjoying much much much more than this proposed budget. When they were riding high during their hay days; trillions have been given to them over the years and all under the blanket of Official Secrets Act (OSA).

Mohideen wants the full support of the Malays so he had no choice but to reveal the figures openly. Just imagine if under the current difficult economic times like never before these buggers can give out so much of handouts in the name of race & religion; how much more would they have siphoned during the good times over all these years? To think that the Malays are going to give up their free ride on the gravy train is “Wishful Thinking”. Never going to happen. Even the divine intervention of Covid19 does not seem to make them realize that their greed is taking this country to a failed state. Its time the Non Malays stop hoping for any kind of handouts but find ways to educate, upskill and unite our communities to excel in all sectors with integrity and partners for the sake of the suvival of our future generation.
My 2 cents worth


I am a Malay. Seventy-three years old – so I have lived through the times, from Merdeka and before, till we are what we are today. And the “WE” I refer to is just not the Malays, not the others… but “WE” as of those who choose to call Malaysia our Home.

Even if I have lived the last forty years in Australia, I am a Malaysian citizen and Malaysia is my home. I am a Malaysian who happens to be a Malay and I do not take kindly to any Malaysian talking ill about other Malaysians be they Indians, Chinese, Kadazans, Dayaks, Malays, or any other Malaysians.

“Why would a Malay give up all the benefits & handouts which are showered to them in abundance?. Why should they even consider fair distribution when everything is well set up for them? Right from the Womb to the Tomb, they have been provided.”

The writer asks the above of the Malays. Not one Malay, not the Malay who are in Umno, Pas, or the Malays in the kampongs or in the Istanas…but of all Malays. To tar and feather, all Malays as being taken care of by the government from “womb to tomb” in the name of race and religion are simply, to be polite, bulldust. Not everything is “set up” for the Malays.

There are poor Malays, neglected Malays, Malays with no roof over their head, Malays with an empty stomach, Malays without the means to pay for even the most basic of medical needs, Malays prosecuted and persecuted for being a Malay who have spoken up against the government of the day, Malays who have spoken up against the Royals, Malays who have damned their own race and their own religion for reasons best known to themselves.

It does not take an Einstein to figure out that the Malays have the same problems as other Malaysian. And there are Malays who have done more than their fair share of trying to make right what is wrong with a Malaysia that divides and rules over its people through race and religion.

So please hush your mouth and stop your pathetic attempts to further widen the already toxic rift between us Malaysians by casting the Malays as the demons and the devil that has caused other Malaysians to live in such misery and suffering from the time of Merdeka.

The Malays are not solely responsible for the wretched state of our nation today. All of us have to take responsibility for allowing our nation to regress into a kleptocratic malaise that is getting more kleptocratic by the day.

The billions lost through 1MDB is not the work of just one Malay, Najib Razak. That Malay could not have pulled off the multi-billion caper without the help of Jho Low, a Chinese. Bank Bumiputra would not have lost RM2.5 billion in the 1980’s if the now-defunct Carrian group and its former chief executive, George Tan had not lost a fortune in Hong Kong’s then turbulent property market using Bank Bumiputra’s money.

And the list goes on. We are all to blame for what has happened to our country because when we should have done something to halt the excesses of our political pariahs, most Malaysians choose to do nothing.

“I am surprised at why people are so upset with the proposed buget 2021.”

Our wretched nation is the way we are because not enough of us are upset when unfair and lopsided budgets are presented in parliament to benefit a certain race or religion! You should be upset and you should act to ensure that the government is made aware that people are upset about the budget, but instead, you are surprised if people are upset?

So what will it take before you get upset about what the government is doing? It is bad enough that the MCA and the MIC were lackeys of the BN government. For as long as they partake of the gravy train that BN sent their way every now and then, they are quiet.

Did you turn out when Bersih was doing their bit for free and fair elections? Did you turn up for the various ceramahs conducted by Pakatan Harapan in the lead up to the 2018 general elections? Do you ever voice dissent when your children are not given entry into the Universities or are not given Scholarships to study overseas because they are not Malay?

If you have been quiet on all these instances, then I understand why you want others to be quiet when the 2021 budget that was totally skewered towards one particular race and one particular religion was tabled in parliament.

Your type of Malaysians are the type of Malaysians whom successive BN governments and their ilk have sought to have, for it makes their “work” in government so much more lucrative for these political pariahs.

I hope that many Malaysians will not heed the call by anyone to be quiet. I hope many Malaysians will rise up and voice their dissent and disapproval of what this government and any other subsequent abusive government do, that does not advance the well-being of our people and our nation.

And I do so much hope that, when push comes to shove, there will be enough of us to stand together and present a united front to any political pariahs who dare to think that Malaysians are not only meek but also frighten of politicians, who use race and religion to advance their own personal political agenda. Enough said.


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