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Anwar Ibrahim…what now my friend?

When I saw DSAI announce, for the third time in my lifetime his bid to become prime minister, what went through my mind, as I was listening to him do the press conference, was just one recurring thought: “Anwar, this is not how you become prime minister!”.

Since Langkah Sheraton, even before Langkah Sheraton, even as he walked out of Sungai Buloh, I have seen him do everything he should not have done if he was to become prime minister.

All that he needed to be a prime minister he already had got on that day when he sat in his cell in Sungai Buloh watching Tun Mahathir took the oath of office as prime minister at Istana Negara.

He already had a formidable team around him. Azizah, Nurrul, Azmin, Rafizi and most critical all, he had us, you and me and an adoring and respectful public who understood his role in the ouster of Barisan National and we all thought, that this time around, Anwar should be king when Tun Mahathir was ready to go.

What happened?

Whatever Anwar did, and he did plenty, Azizah has been and still is, loyal to Anwar, but her loyalty came to naught. Today, Azizah is no longer president of PKR. Azizah is no longer DPM. She is now what she has always wanted to be, his loyal and supportive partner in life. The others in that formidable team, Nurrul, Azmin, Rafizi, and most critical of all, us, and the public,  Anwar abandoned or pushed away.

In our place, as was Anwar’s standard operating procedure, he got around him another team – alas less formidable. alas self-serving, alas, pushed him to make that announcement two weeks ago, that he had a “formidable team” to be prime minister.

No Anwar, you did not have a formidable team! What you have are people, leeches to be exact, who are living their life through you, not for you, but for themselves. In the end, those two letters of support from Najib and Zahid, upon which you made the claim of having a formidable majority in parliament, was your undoing. Your strength to become prime minister was dependent not on yourself but on others.

If they withdraw their support to you as they have now done, you will be left alone and without any strength to be anyone else but the same Anwar Ibrahim who have seen it fit to always leave those who have been there for you when you needed them most.

And then you go to seek fairweather friends whose loyalty is suspect, whose reason for being there for you is self-interest, and who will, at the first opportunity, leave you if you no longer serve their purpose.

And when that happened I know you will see that the friends that you once had, are now, in various degrees, doing all they can to make sure that you will NOT be prime minister! Remember Anwar, be nice to people you meet on the way up because you meet the same people on your way down and when you do, they will not be inclined to still be your friend.

What now my friend?

No, you do not go back to the drawing board and plan for your next attempt to be prime minister. You are done for. If you’re done for, so is PKR. But from what we have seen in the past two weeks, you can afford a new house in Sungai Long – a palatial palace to be exact. You have a Jaguar no less, so I guess money is not a problem.

KUALA LUMPUR 29 FEBRUARI 2020. Presiden PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim


So my friend, go live what is left of your life with your family and make your peace with those that have been there for you in your long career in politics. You and me, we are past 70, and our other friends in the class of 64 are all past 70.

Maybe we can meet and shoot the breeze, talk about old times and reminisce about what might’ve been for you and for us. You could have been prime minister and we could have told our grandchildren that their grandfather had a classmate who was the Prime Minister.

Such is life, my friend. Live and let live. Make your peace with Azmin, Rafizi and Tun. They have done much more for your life than we did and when you have done all that, as in the tradition Budak Kolej, let us meet and talk of the good old days when Ryan was our headmaster and what mattered most was having good friends around us.

So long brother be good, do good, and may the force be with you.






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