The invincible and unsinkable cruise liner the BNITANIC is against all common sense, rational and advice going on a heads on Kamikaze collision against the insurmountable, monumental, indestructible ninety two year old iceberg.  The captain [...]

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The dying throes, knows The broken trust The defective promise The crushing of conscience The bleeding struggle  The dancing in desolation  The trembling beast  The denial of doubt The dregs of defeat The darkness before [...]

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Voltaire : On The Third Force – “a beleaguered exploitative writer with a grandiose exaggerated sense of self-importance and sense of entitlement……not a scratch of humility or humanity in evidence”

steadyaku47 comment : Woke up this morning and got this in my email from Voltaire...must share ma! My only comment....siapa makan chill dia rasa pedas. I think the third force is more deserving of being referred to as "THE [...]

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