The morning after Tanjung Piai

There's a lot of clarity in says Julia Hartz...but surely even the blind can see and the deaf can hear, what many of us already know. We know that Tanjung Piai was a disaster [...]

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cakap cakap…Mahathir, Pakatan Harapan and the Malays.

The time has come for Tun Dr Mahathir and Pakatan Harapan, to walk their talk. We understand the need to have the Malays on their side to win government, to do government and to maintain [...]

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Why Tun Dr Mahathir should resign as Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Tun Mahathir must take responsibility for again appointing an incompetent DPM!  Rafizi Lies, DPM Lies and a PM in waiting Lies. What a formidable partnership. PKR lead by liars! How are we to know that, [...]

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Once again…Umno and Pas comes up short against Tun.

From here in Melbourne, I have watched with much interest and a sense of déjà vu the goings on in Malaysia as Malaysians once again find themselves under a government with Tun Dr Mahathir at [...]

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Pemandu Teksi & Tun

SINARHARIAN.COM.MY Majlis Tun M kecoh diganggu pemandu teksi biadab Majlis perjumpaan Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad bersama persatuan pemandu teksi di Langkawi hari ini kecoh seketika apabila beberapa orang ahli persatuan bertindak biadab keluar [...]

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