Military Career of two Prince. Both age 34. One is the bangsat from down South.

Tunku Ismail Idris. Date of Birth 30th June 1984 (age 34). First ever Malaysian royal to join the Indian armed forces. First foreigner to lead a unit of Indian Army in the Indian Republic Day Parade. A polo enthusiast, [...]

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Bangsa Johor and those Dickheads down South.

 This "mengadu" of what happened down South was forwarded to me this morning. I am posting it here as received. I cannot improve the narrative with my own take of what this guy has [...]

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Lagi satu cerita Johor Royal…kali ini dah masuk Court! The then TMJ is the defendant.

The defendant as mentioned earlier, is the Crown Prince of Johor. Besides being a prince, he is also involved in many commercial ventures... the defendant agreed to expeditiously arrange for the entire financing of and [...]

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Hubris and Arrogance : Do not fly too close to the Sun!

I have yet to hear a cautionary word from the father admonishing the son for being a stupid brat and wasting RM one million of their money in a futile attempt to win back lost [...]

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