Taking the Rakyat for Fools ! Again and Again and Again!

Kris Koay : Wasn't that how BN lost the elections? Taking the rakyat for fools? KUALA TERENGGANU, Aug 24 — There is no split or two camps existing in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), stressed party [...]

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Before the royals of istana segambut talk about reform agenda for m’sians, can it explain to PKR members what reform agenda it had achieved in the party…

Rafizi Ramli dilantik Naib Presiden PKR Astro Awani |  Disember 28, 2018 20:20 MYT      Rafizi Ramli dilantik Naib Presiden MPP PKR 2018 - 2021. - Foto Astro AWANI/Shahir Omar KUALA LUMPUR: Meski pun tewas dalam [...]

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The Four Musketeers of Segambut Infamy : A bunch Of Idiots that is PH’s misfortune to have!

Anwar Ibrahim said...certain party leaders are greedy, deceptive  and uninterested in party unity. Johari Abdul said...Pakatan Harapan is heading no where. Saifuddin said...there is truth in what Rafizi Ramali said about the decline [...]

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Humpty Dumpty Had A Great Fall….

BERITA  | MALAYSIA 'Rafizi memang tahu meramal masa depan' - Tun Mahathir Raja Hisyam Raja Zaid, Astro Awani |  Disember 21, 2018 23:28 MYT      Rafizi sebelum ini memetik satu tinjauan pendapat pada awal Disember bahawa rating Dr Mahathir [...]

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Cakap cakap : Anwar, the final chapter.

It is now 5.48 am here in Melbourne. The Short Black helps but I am barely awake. It is no longer possible for us to ignore what or whom is now being used by Anwar [...]

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Sharifuddin : On Rafizi, the less said, the better.

Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff We may never know the true reason why Nurul resigned as PKR VP but if Rafizi gets appointed as a VP by Anwar, then, it's a sign of things getting worse ... [...]

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The PKR way. You finish last in race to be Division Chief. Anwar appoints you State Chairman.

Johari finishes last in race for Sungai Petani PKR chief Published: 27 Oct 2018, 7:14 pm  |  Modified: 27 Oct 2018, 7:24 pm PKR POLLS | Three-term Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul has reportedly come in last in the [...]

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Rafizi kecewa tiada pemilihan semula di Julau FMT Reporters : November 13, 2018 4:49 PM PETALING JAYA: Calom timbalan presiden PKR Rafizi Ramli kecewa dengan keputusan parti untuk tidak mengadakan pemilihan semula di Julau, Sarawak. Beliau [...]

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And if I ever report it to myself…you are going to be in trouble!”

If you guys want to have an idea how things work in PKR...watch the video below. Sergeant Schulz, who is pretending to be a General comes up with  gem when he warns the Gestapo about [...]

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Istana Segambut : We cannot allow these idiots to govern in Putrajaya.

  Above is the team backed by Anwar Ibrahim and Wan Azizah that designed and conspired to manipulate the E Voting system to oust Azmin Ali and those not align with INVOKE. Also included, but [...]

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Rafizi Lies, DPM Lies and a PM in waiting Lies. What a formidable partnership. PKR lead by liars!

‘Anwar family mortgaged their house’ “Anwar and Kak Wan ended up having to mortgage their house in Bukit Segambut to take out a RM4mil bank loan. It’s not even settled yet,” said Rafizi. click here to [...]

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