Damm these politicians. Damm these political leaders.

THINK! Think of the stupidity of world leaders who do this kind of thing for what purpose? Think of the stupidity of OUR leaders who now, even as we speak, take us all for fools [...]

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Now it is a question of priorities.

The euphoria post GE14 now dwindles to a trickle. The reserves of goodwill and respect for Tun and Pakatan Harapan is almost on empty. Tanjong Piai threatens us. Maszlee, Saddiq, and Ahmad Faisal are further [...]

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Saya tau apa yang dia buat!

The story of Anwar Ibrahim has been told too many times for many of us to not know whom, what or which is the real Anwar...so why of all people...why is Tun Mahathir adamant that [...]

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David Wu : Perhaps it is time they stopped politicking and start working for a change.

So Anwar says the other races need to understand the concerns of the Malays. Except... The non Malays already know that very well, so who are we kidding? The non Malays are just sick and [...]

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Not a Malay, not a Chinese, Indian, Kadazan or Iban. Only the best should lead us!

Let me make one thing very, very clear. What most of us are discussing today is how is it possible that our country government's debts today total one trillion ringgit! We are here to discuss [...]

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Cakap cakap….Politics.

When the economy is good and the people are relatively prosperous they will leave politics well alone to be managed by their political masters. The current political malaise can be directly attributed to the prevailing [...]

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