Accountability and Verification…keep those bastards in parliament honest!

For as long as I care to remember, we have been lied to by politicians as if their lives depend on it. If truth be told, it does! Their political lives that is! What is [...]

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The rules have been stacked against us ALL THE BLOODY TIME

“It was a loss, we should have been better prepared, I agree but the rules were also stacked against us,” said Wan Saiful. steadyaky47 comment : Aisehman Wan...tell us something we do not know! The [...]

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Leverage on Mahathir. It is the perfect example, of a knife borrowed, which we can use to kill off the enemy, UMNO

First Posted on THURSDAY, 30 MARCH 2017 Pakatan pro tempore committe- personal thoughts of SAKMONGKOL AK47 These are my own personal comments. Most of us have read about this. Pakatan Harapan- is forming a pro [...]

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