Tun Mahathir …,,Be careful about what you wish for.

It has become the thing to do to put blame on Tun Mahathir for all the ills and wrongs that is now around us. Be careful about what you wish, for if your wish was [...]

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I really do not care one way or another what PH do. Do you? 

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Dejavu. It is all early 2018 again. Umno was failing on its own sword. The non-Malays were deserting BN like there was no tomorrow. The Internet/Social Media was the conduit of all [...]

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This nation needs a 94-year-old prime minister to lead it like I need a hole in my head!

Ok guys...I am going to try and talk about something unpleasant, a bit rude...some of you may even say a bit kurang ajar maybe...but certainly about something that needs to be talked about. TUN DR [...]

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Accountability and Verification…keep those bastards in parliament honest!

For as long as I care to remember, we have been lied to by politicians as if their lives depend on it. If truth be told, it does! Their political lives that is! What is [...]

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The rules have been stacked against us ALL THE BLOODY TIME

“It was a loss, we should have been better prepared, I agree but the rules were also stacked against us,” said Wan Saiful. steadyaky47 comment : Aisehman Wan...tell us something we do not know! The [...]

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Leverage on Mahathir. It is the perfect example, of a knife borrowed, which we can use to kill off the enemy, UMNO

First Posted on THURSDAY, 30 MARCH 2017 Pakatan pro tempore committe- personal thoughts of SAKMONGKOL AK47 These are my own personal comments. Most of us have read about this. Pakatan Harapan- is forming a pro [...]

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