He had his susu without having to buy the lembu! If only the walls of the Rompin Rest House could talk…what tales it would tell of Najib’s tryst with royalty within it’s wall while he was married to his first wife and “dating” his current!

The sexual shenanigans of a randy twenty nine year old Najib while Menteri Besar of Pahang would make many a Mufti blush. Remember that pronouncement by that Tan Sri of a Mufti from Perak re sexual congress [...]

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How come MACC took so long to find out about the corrupt PTG officers in Pahang Darul Bauxite? Nudge nudge…wink wink!

  Corruption in Pahang bauxite mining, says MACC - The Malaysian Insider   Corruption has been detected in Pahang's bauxite mining and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has vowed to take action against those… www.themalaysianinsider.com [...]

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The people of Pahang and us – must talk for the Sea that is turninhg RED! Talk for those whose living are being deprived and affected by the HUBRIS of a BN state government more worried about the earnings of odious businessmen in league with politicians and Royalty who ravaged, pillage and plunder the state of Pahang for their own private gains!

The Sea of Kuantan have turned RED...not with the blood of those that have caused it to turn RED....but RED because the Barisan Nasional state Government have failed in its duty to the people of [...]

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