Hajjah @haflinnazriaziz…Hajjah…really?

OK...now I have got your attention with the image of the above Hajjah to be in an RM$20K dress....let me continue. I am told that just her undergarments alone can feed a small village lunch [...]

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Program BN – Pakat Mai Langkawi Nazri Aziz malam tadi di Tanjung Rhu. This Samseng has bullied everyone, no one wants to attend his rally.

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stupid, idiots, unintelligent dull brainless obtuse witless dumb foolish futile ill-advised irrelevant laughable ludicrous naive senseless shortsighted simple trivial dummy loser rash thick dazed deficient dense dim doltish dopey gullible half-baked half-witted idiotic imbecilic inane indiscreet insensate meaningless mindless moronic nonsensical out to lunch pointless puerile simpleminded slow sluggish stolid stupefied thick-headed unthinking : here are two of Malaysia’s finest examples of all of the above!

Yes....both of them failed the above Idiot test! Yes, I did wonder how both of them got through toilet training..... Without a doubt they both speaks through their a#@e..... And no doubt,  John Cleese must [...]

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Nazri lagi….

It Is You Who Will Be 'Dead', Mr Nazri “He (Mahathir) is a ‘kaki gaduh’ (serial troublemaker). If we follow him, we’re dead,” he stressed. Nazri said those in Umno have become used to this [...]

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