cakap cakap… we are all Malaysians.

One of the things we have fought for before the last PRU was choice. We wanted a responsible, good decent government in Putrajaya with strong opposition in Parliament to keep those in government honest. We [...]

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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : Some reasons why being a Malaysian is no longer fun….

BAKAL SULTAN YANG RENDAH AKHLAK               And as you can see for yourself, most of these "reasons" are of the same Race (Melayu) and the same Religion [...]

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Panama Papers : Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor, Kamaluddin Abdullah, Mirzan Mahathir, Nazifuddin Najib, Mohammed Hashim Ali, Abdul Aziz Tawfiq Ayman, Muhammad Muhammad Taib, Lim Kok Thay, Abdul Halim Harun, Sharifuddin Hizan Abidin, Khoo Kay Peng, Hussain Najadi, Tan Tiong Hock etc etc.

This is the reason why!   Lots of Malaysians in Panama Papers Posted on April 11, 2016 By John Berthelsen Economics/Business, Malaysia, Malaysia, Politics   More than 2,300 individuals or entities are found in Caribbean [...]

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My List : If there are many many Malays who have the same list as mine – then this becomes a Malay list but in truth I would prefer this to be a Chinese, Indian,Dayak, Kadazan and other minorities list…a Malaysian list.

All the Umno prime ministers (have there been any others?????) after Hussein Onn have had the belief, some more so than others, that they have a mandate to do government as they please without regard [...]

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