UMAR MUKHTAR : Of Felda, Eagle High, Peter Sondakh and Kepit Man.

PETER SONDAKH DIDN’T CON NAJIB RAZAK ON SALE OF 37% OF EAGLE HIGH PLANTATIONS TO FELDA; THEY BOTH CONNED FELDA TOGETHER? If you believe that the proceeds by FGV for the overpriced sale of 37% [...]

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FELDA : Loss RM10 Billion. Bank Borrowings : RM12 Billion.

E.S. Shankar FELDA RM15-20 BAILOUT EXPECTED TOMORROW! The Felda (Federal Land Development Authority or Lembaga Kemajuan Tanah Persekutuan, formed in 1956) bombshell Taxpayer funded bailout is about to explode. Minister for Economic Affairs, Azmin Ali, [...]

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Malaysia’s Vaunted Land Distribution Scheme Turns Sour

 February 21, 2018  609 By: John Berthelsen Malaysia’s long-praised Federal Land Development Authority, or Felda, founded in 1956 to resettle the country’s rural poor into newly reclaimed jungle areas to enable them to grow crops [...]

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If it looks like a thief, steals like a thief and opens a Boxing Academy for Women….It must be Isa Samad,

"Saya SudahTiada Kaitandengan FELDA"Isa😡 Show More Reaction There are many idiots in BN. Isa Samad, aka PENDEK, is one of them. Where was Pendek last Friday when God was giving out brains in Jalan Seamarak? [...]

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Felda dapat balik 
tanah Jalan Semarak SPSB serah hak milik secara sukarela, tanpa kos Shahrir Abdul Samad menyaksikan penyerahan semula geran hak milik tanah di Jalan Semarak oleh Pengarah Pembangunan Perniagaan Synergy Promenade, Datuk Marina [...]

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