Selamat Pagi…GREED!

Selamat Pagi...saw this early this morning on Facebook...and the images has not left my head....images of our greedy YB from Pekan and his ex FLOM....and all those idiots from BN who think that [...]

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Again we are taken for fools! What distinguishes FELDA is that this is stealing, on a mega scale, of money meant to help the Rakyats in the rural areas…who happens to be mostly Malays…the very poor of the poor. This stealing of money which can directly impact upon the Malays – the very people Umno has pledged to be champion of. This is Najib Razak stealing from his own Father’s attempt to get the rural Malays out of poverty.

Tanah tapak ibupejabat pun boleh hilang? steaadyaku47 comment :  1MDB, corrupt AG's, corrupt IGP's, complicit KSU's, CJ's who soil themselves and the Judiciary with their decision making, Ministers who not only forget their oath of [...]

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