Well, go by Ah Long (usually chinese) standard, first you will be verbally threatened, then you will be harrassed (knock at your house, visit your office), next they throw paint on your door, write O$P$ on the walls, next locked your gate and burned the door. If all else fails, whacked you until you vomit blood, push your pregnant wife down the staircase, even rape your daughter and sell them to prostitution. Hmmm…what you think the Chinese will do if Malaysia cannot pay huh?

What will China do when...not if but when....we are unable to pay them back the RM55 billion loan extended to this najib led bn government to build the ECRL? Here are some thoughts / comments from [...]

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The East Coast Rail Line (ECRL) is funded by a loan from China’s state-owned EXIM Bank. The Malaysian government acts as the guarantor. We do not have to pay back the loan in the first seven years, but after that we will have to settle it within 20 years. It does not matter whether the ECRL is profitable or not. We still have to pay back the loan.

Is China a good investor? By Wan Saiful Wan Jan, for The Edge, 1 April 2017 Two years ago Columbia University’s Professor of Political Science Andrew Nathan published a paper in which he noted that [...]

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China's One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiatives promoting regional and cross-continental connectivity between China and Eurasia covering  five major areas of interest: policy coordination, infrastructure construction (including railways and highways), unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people [...]

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“I hate that JB is being sold off to mainland China investors. How ridiculous it is that you need Chinese signboards for ‘don’t step on grass’, “

with thanks to MiLoSuaM Peniaga jual kuih guna matawang Yuan ¥ di Forest City, Johor PENIAGA di Forest City Johor didakwa menjual kuih menggunakan matawang Negara China, Yuan. Sekeping gambar yang dikirim di Twitter berhubung [...]

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