written by Apek, December 30, 2011 09:20:59 Kepada semua,  Undilah UMNO/BN untuk korupsi dan komisyen kepada kroni-kroni UMNO/BN  Undilah UMNO/BN untuk "race relations" yang tegang,  Undilah UMNO/BN untuk harga melambung tinggi;  Undilah UMNO/BN untuk memberikan [...]

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MAFIA Refers to an organized criminal organizations of Italian or Sicilian heritage. BN Government Refers to the Malaysian Cabinet (see below) which is the executive branch of the BN Government of Malaysian heritage. MAFIA The [...]

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Be cool or be a Fool!

Joe Cool aka Najib the Man!  It would seem to me that Najib has well and truly embarked on his journey towards the 13th general election while Pakatan Rakyat stands nervously debating amongst themselves to [...]

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