How many of you want Anwar Ibrahim to be Prime Minister? How many of you want Anwar Ibrahim to be Prime Minister? Just as I thought, many of you want DSAI to be Prime Minister. Let us have some clarity in this, please. How many [...]

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Anwar Ibrahim : Two Dins have their say!   Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff says : The jury is still out on why Azmin met with the UMNO MPs on Monday but I am certain that his brazen act of inviting the opposition politicians [...]

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DSAI, Tun Mahathir and the Prime Ministership.

My thoughts on Anwar has not changed. I am steadfast in my long-held conviction that by the things he has done in and out of government, Anwar is not the best candidate to be prime [...]

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cakap cakap : FIKIR! ; Anwar Ibrahim

Food for thought : FIKIR! Secara rasmi, Anwar Ibrahim adalah presiden PKR..tapi secara tak rasmi, hanya orang Anwar saja yang setuju dengan dia.wakil rakyat PKR yang lain tak semua akan dengar cakap Anwar Sebab bukan [...]

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Anwar “APPOINTS” another failure to head Johor.

October 2018: PKR POLLS | Ledang MP Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh failed in his bid to unseat incumbent Ledang PKR chief Chong Fat Full yesterday. Chong retained his position with 541 votes against Syed Ibrahim's [...]

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There are parts missing from this video in which Mahathir tells us what Brader Anwar has been caught doing...and the missing parts will be posted this evening. Until then be patient my friends. Listen and [...]

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Taking the Rakyat for Fools ! Again and Again and Again!

Kris Koay : Wasn't that how BN lost the elections? Taking the rakyat for fools? KUALA TERENGGANU, Aug 24 — There is no split or two camps existing in Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), stressed party [...]

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There is again that call to get behind Anwar and support his bid to be PM…my answer to that? Yes we should all get behind Anwar. Safer to be behind Anwar then to be in front of him!

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Call it what you want. An agreement, a succession, a transition, a promise. Call it what you bloody want!

Call it what you want. An agreement, a succession, a transition...a it what you bloody want. For me, and for many others, this is what it truly is. Our people, our nation. our future.... [...]

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