“Grieve not too much for me…grieve more for my country”

Yesterday we paused for a moment to remember Tan Sri Sanusi and to say goodbye to him....but paused only for a moment my friends, for I am sure that Tan Sri will tell us "Grieve [...]

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Melayu Bangsat?

History is littered with the corpse of those who mistakenly thought that political power obtained legally or by deception, conferred upon them divine rights to abuse the trust placed upon them by the people over [...]

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1. Lim Kit Siang tidak mencadang atau menyokong pengenalan GST yang membebankan rakyat jelata. 2. Lim Kit Siang tidak mencadang atau menyokong keputusan menghapuskan subsidi sehingga naik harga barang dan toll. 3. Lim Kit Siang [...]

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…..so maybe Tuanku Sultan Johor should start asking this Datuk Khairul Anwar Rahmat just what he doing visiting this murderer of Altantuya so often…over six times…and why he is again visiting Sirul this week with Sirul’s brother in tow?

In solidarity with Sarawak report and their latest posting today of the latest saga in the Altatntuya murder: Sarawak Report : BLACKMAILED BY "THE MASTERMINDS OF THE CONSPIRACY"! Why Deepak Changed His Story AGAIN, As A Mysterious [...]

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And so for Sirul, if his government abandons him, if his beloved umno is of no help to him, if PDRM sees him only as a failed UTK operatives and wants not part of his life, if his slew of Laywers are unable to get what he wants mosts – i.e to live in Australia with his two children, if the people he made the video in which he exonerates najib razak of blame for the Altantuya murder has not kept their part of the bargain, and if his daily prayers to ALLAH has been unanswered….what is there left for him but the Hillsong Church Group

The Victim Altantuya The Victim's Boyfriend The Murderer : Sirul Azhar Umar Altantuya went missing on 19th October 2006.  Since that time, over ten years ago, Sirul Azhar Umar's life has not been worth talking about. [...]

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Sirul Azhar Umar : He wants his freedom, he wants the millions he thinks he should have for the murder of Altantuya and for making “those” video, he wants his daughter to join him, and he wants all this as soon as possible. And he thinks Najib will do all this for him! Dream on Sirul…dream on!

The law in the Australian Migration Act that prevents a person being sent back to be hanged prevails. Sirul Azhar Umar's refusal to mitigate to lower his mia culpa is what is obstructing Sirul's pathway [...]

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Bernard Baiocco, 72, former president of Thales International Asia (Thint Asia) was indicted on Dec 15. for “active bribery of foreign public officials on people including Najib Razak,”

Finally! French Act in Altantuya Murder Case Posted on January 29, 2016 By John Berthelsen Headline, Malaysia, Politics   Death: the price of being in the know Najib was recipient of bribe funds, prosecutors charge. [...]

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