Deepak Jaikishan Tekwani’s Interview with AL-Jazeera (Part 3) UNCUT.

What about her relationship with Najib? She is the Boss. Not just at home. You can say she is the defacto prime minister. It came to a point where every project has to go through [...]

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Deepak gave “all in all close to 300 million ringgit” to Najib & Rosmah. (Part 1 & 2)

Deepak on Najib : "He is a master liar. He just's lies, lies and lies about everything. He knows everything........Razak Baginda is not the only person who arrange women for Najib".

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Al Fatihah….

Sharifuddin Abdul Latiff In memoriam, I had initially wanted to refrain from any FB postings for today to honour the six rescuers. Then, I realised these brave souls would have continued with their rescue mission, [...]

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