Jerome Fernandez on the late, great,TGNA

From March 20, 2015 By Jerome Fernandez I came to know the late Tuan Guru or Tok Guru Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat in 1997. The National Union of the Teaching Profession’s 14th Delegates Conference [...]

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Free Malaysia Today : How a Facebook post brought fame to a roadside car washer and sparked controversy

Robin Augustin  - January 14, 2019 8:00 AM S Sukumarah, daughter S Sarmini, wife M Kanagi, and son S Hariaran live in poverty. SHAH ALAM: When a pre-teen girl still in her school uniform knocked [...]

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Hotel Flemington Taiping : Verify before di viralkan!

[11:06 AM, 1/6/2019] +60 12-277 3983: Hotel tampal logo halal tapi masuk dapur jumpa kaki babi. 04 January HOTEL Flemington yang terletak di Taiping, Perak, diserbu kerana menyajikan babi meskipun ia mempamerkan logo Halal pada [...]

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Military Career of two Prince. Both age 34. One is the bangsat from down South.

Tunku Ismail Idris. Date of Birth 30th June 1984 (age 34). First ever Malaysian royal to join the Indian armed forces. First foreigner to lead a unit of Indian Army in the Indian Republic Day Parade. A polo enthusiast, [...]

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Luzon Woman 1875

Young woman, Luzon (Philippines), 1875 "At the Musee De L'Homme in Paris the picture is only identified as Sangley Filipina meaning Chinese Filipina. The photo was taken by Francisco Van Kamp who was a European [...]

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