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Mr Sultan : Car with pornograhic interior? Tak malu ka?

SULTAN HAS 300 CARS, AIR CONDITIONED GARAGES AND CARS WITH PORNOGRAPHIC INTERIORS? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS? https://www.facebook.com/ifromjb/videos/10151761878305719/?t=0 300 Cars...parked in air conditioned garages to "keep the dust away"....sending his Mercedes Pullman to Germany for [...]

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Dear All, We continuously strive to find ways to improve how to get what I write to you. In light of attempts to impose a blockade on my web site, depriving you guys accessibility to read my posts, I have now made my posts even more accessible to everyone by enabling everyone to read and download each of my posts via this link – http://bit.ly/steadyaku47gdrv1

View & Download - http://bit.ly/steadyaku47gdrv1 Hidup Malaysia!  

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As of 2am AEDT Monday Mucad Ibrahim, 3 Abdullahi Dirie, 4  Sayyad Milne, 14 Khaled Mustafa, 45, and son Hamza, 16 Naeem Rashid and his son Talha, 21 Tariq Omar, 24  Ozair Kadir, 24 Syed [...]

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