Ensconced in Doha: Qatar’s Resident Islamists
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January 30, 2019

Qatar: The Global Menace

Qatar long played outsized role in harboring violent jihadists 
Hamas, Afghan Taliban

Arab States designate  Qatari-hosted Islamists as terrorist entities 

issue of Qatari’s support for violent Islamists
notorious Yusuf Al Qaradawi

Who is Yusuf Al Qaradawi?

Yusuf Al Qaradawi, Qatar-based, Al-Azhar Islamist 

early member of Muslim Brotherhood
long-term exile in Qatar
personal guest, spiritual mentor to Qatari Emir

Qaradawi firm advocate of Muslim Brotherhood paramilitary activities

Qaradawi play lead role in management of Muslim Brotherhood
twice offered position of Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide

Relationship with Qatar:

Qaradawi  would not have same impact without Qatar’s ruling Al-Thani

since he was first exiled to Doha in 1960s and granted Qatari citizenship

Qaradawi became only cleric in country of Salafi Muslims

Qaradawi established Qatari educational system
Qatari Secondary School Institute of Religions
Qaradawi deeply involved with Qatar Foundation
Qatar Foundation promotes Qatar’s influence 
promotes Islamism through al-Qaradawi Centre for Moderation and Renewal 

Qatar bankrolled International Union of Muslim Scholars 
Qatar provided Qaradawi with platform on state-run Al Jazeera 
made most incendiary speeches
Qaradawi promotion of suicide bombings
Qaradawi has become extremely wealthy 

QIB, QIIB manage Qatar Charity, support terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda
Qaradawi prominent member GAAC – union of Salafi and Muslim Brotherhood 
GAAC gen sec Abdulrahman al-Nuaimi is Designated Global Terrorist
because of his financing of Al Qaeda

Qaradawi, Terrorism and Violence:

Qaradawi has long endorsed violence for Islamist objectives

most famous 2001 fatwa condoning Hamas suicide bombings
2004 fatwa authorizing suicide bombing by Muslim women 
encouraged Muslims to fight in civil wars in Syria and Libya
Qaradawi urged those who disobeyed Morsi should be killed
Qaradawi Disseminating Muslim Brotherhood Policies:
2004, Qaradawi founded International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) 
IUMS dominated by Muslim Brotherhood, including armed wing
IUMS instrument for disseminating Muslim Brotherhood policy
Qaradawi publicly asserted IUMS has influence to incite ummah to “rise up”
IUMS’ role in inflaming Danish Muhammad Cartoon Contest protests
ultimately resulted in the death of several people
IUMS vehicle for subversive Muslim Brotherhood activities 
Egypt, Saudi, UAE designate IUMS terrorist organization in June 2018

Qaradawi and America

Qaradawi role to spread Brotherhood’s Islamist ideology in US

inaugural trustees of Islamic Society of Boston until 2002
founded by convicted Al Qaeda financier Abdurrahman Alamoudi
tied to half dozen terrorists 

Analysis and Conclusion:

Qaradawi central node coordinate Qatar, international Islamism

Qatar provides funding, global media reach
Qaradawi provides intellectual, ideological legitimacy
Muslim Brotherhood provides network of activists 

Qaradawi vital to Qatar’s influence among Muslim world 
Qaradawi central to conflict between Qatar and Gulf States 
Qaradawi, Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood trinity of influence

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