First posted on Friday, December 13, 2013

too many Chinese in Melbourne! You cannot complain about there being
too many Australian here…after all this is their country but everywhere
you look in
Melbourne, you will see Chinese. Small Chinese, big Chinese. Old Chinese
young Chinese. Chinese who speaks with an impeachable Australian twang
Chinese who yell at each other in spite of the fact that they are
sitting right
across each other in McDonald’s. Yesterday when they were discussing
about same
sex marriage in Channel 7 there was even a male Chinese with his male
Australian partner discussing their recent marriage! Aiyah!

fact on the street where I live about the only place I can see more Australians
than Chinese is in the Blue Chillis – a Malaysian Chinese restaurant. There are usually
more Australians having dinner in that Chinese restaurant that there are
Chinese having dinner!

Malaysian hawker style cuisine, combine with contemporary cooking
techniques and fresh local produce to create a menu that is robust,
cleansing and balanced.
have nothing against the Chinese but if I want to be surrounded by Chinese I
might as well just stay in KL! It just get a bit too much when the post man is
a Chinese and the staff at the nearby Post Office are also Chinese! And yes my
next door unit neighbor is…..a Chinese too. Across the road is a laundry and
thank God it does not belong to a Chinese…but right across the building is
painted…..a Dragon! Chinese ma! 
Chinese is always behind the counter at the nearest 7 Eleven which common sense
will tell you,….also belongs to  a
Chinese. And it just dawn on me that our GP is also Chinese! 
I feel threatened? Not threatened …but overwhelmed! 
that is Melbourne for you! Very cosmopolitan and very forgiving of anybody that
stays here. 
I was in a long line waiting to get a Christmas hamper which was my due because
I was a pensioner. An old Chinese guy wandered to the head of the line and tried
to cut ahead of everyone else….and the Australians in the line gave him a real
going over and made him understand that he was to go to the back of the line
and wait his turn just like everyone else. A few minutes later an old Chinese
lady rolled up with her trolley and took her place at the back of the line. The
most vocal Australian guy who told off the old Chinese guy for cutting ahead of
everybody went over to the old Chinese lady and gave up his place in the line so
that she did not have to wait too long. I wish I had thought of doing that!
Australian insists on a fair go for everybody and nothing gets them more upset
than somebody trying to take advantage of a situation. They do not in any way
feel threatened by the influx of Asians into Australia. This is because they
know that most of the Asians that migrate to Australia can take care of
themselves financially and contribute to the betterment of Australia. As for
the refugees that have been granted entry into Australia even though they are poor
and destitute the Australian feel an obligation to extend a helping hand to
those less fortunate than themselves.
I have any concerns in Australia it is for the young Australians who party too
much, drink too much and are beginning to see how far ahead the Asians are when
compared to them. This is a worrying development because these young people
will grow up to resent the Asians. Already there have been instances when
foreigners are accosted in public transport by these young Australians and told
to go home…and at times are physically intimidated and attacked…but it would
seems that their resentment is directed at anybody better than them rather than
just at Asians….but this is a small price to pay to be able to live in
Melbourne. A small price indeed.   

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