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If you asked me what has happened politically in Australia for the past one week……I would have a hard time trying to recall anything at all.
Somewhere at the back of my mind I am aware that the new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is reaching out to states across Australia, no matter what their political affiliation, to start negotiations on how Federal funds could be put to work with State funds to kick start major infrastructure works that has been languishing because of financial constrains due to the inability of a state government under Labor to work with a Federal government that is
under the Liberal/National coalition.
And then sometime last week I did read that Lucy Turnbull, the wife of the Prime Minister will resign as deputy chairperson of a ferry operator to avoid a “conflict of interest”

Lucy Turnbull to quit SeaLink board to avoid conflict of interest

Lucy Turnbull is reviewing her corporate roles to avoid any conflict of interest.

Lucy Turnbull will resign as deputy chairman of ferry operator
SeaLink Travel Group after flagging the move following her husband’s
ascent to the prime ministership.
SeaLink announced Ms Turnbull will not seek re-election to the board at the group’s annual general meeting next week. She
had said after Malcolm Turnbull ousted Tony Abbott last month that she
would review her various corporate roles to avoid any potential
conflicts of interest.

And yes, she does not want to be known as First Lady.

Why Lucy Turnbull doesn’t want to be called First Lady

The Prime Minister's wife, Lucy Turnbull, says First Lady sounds too official for her.

The Prime Minister’s wife, Lucy Turnbull, says First Lady sounds too official for her. 

Why should a woman’s role change too much because of what her husband does, Lucy Turnbull asks. “This is the 21st century.” In
the wake of her husband’s sudden catapult into the Prime Minister’s
job, Turnbull says she will “carry on with the life I have been

If I want to know more about politics in Australia I would have to google Australian Politics to know what else is going on. And I am not going to do that because I am really not bothered about what is going on in Parliament or what politicians are doing in or out of government.

Politics in Australia is on auto pilot.
There are adequate check and balance in place to keep those political bastards honest in Canberra (that is where Parliament is located and where the business of politics and government is discussed, debated and decided).

Let me explain.

As you have probably heard Tony Abbot was recently kicked out as PM to be replaced by one of his ministers, Malcolm Turnbull, and this has happened because Tony Abbott made too many “Captain’s Call” decision. “Captain’s Call” decisions are decision he made without consulting his Cabinet Colleagues!

Here are three of them:  

1) The re-introduction of “Knights and Dames”.

Amid laughs, tears and serious shaking of the
head from the public, Abbott brought back the imperial honours system in
March last year. To make the matter worse, he then personally selected Prince Philip
for one of the Aussie honours. There was such an uproar he nearly lost
his job… so he had to relinquish the power completely!

2) Barring ministers from Q&A.

When Zaky Mallah donned his weed hat and
shouted at Abbott’s parliamentary secretary back in June, the PM
launched an assault on the ABC and said ministers would not appear on
the program until a review was completed. It turned out he made the decision without consulting anyone!

Agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce and communications minister
Malcolm Turnbull were both embarassed when they were yanked from the
program at the last minute, with Turnbull telling ABC’s 7:30 the decision was “news to me”. Click here for more info of this program

3) His personal choice for speaker Bronwyn Bishop resigned in disgrace amid an expenses scandal. Click here for more info on this.

Any politicians that strays from his or her work as a representative of the people that elected him to parliament will be asked to explain himself or herself and they will be judged by the judiciary or by public opinion as to whether they did right or wrong. No way in hell could they be able to stonewall themselves out of their predicament.

Does it mean there is no corrupt politician in Australia?

No….Yes there are and this is what happens to the premier of New South Wales when he was caught out over a bottle of expensive wine that he said he never received:

Premier Barry O’Farrell has resigned after a corruption
inquiry obtained a handwritten note that contradicted his claims he did
not receive a $3000 bottle of wine from the head of a company linked to
the Obeid family.

On Tuesday, the Independent Commission
Against Corruption heard that Mr O’Farrell was sent the Penfolds Grange
Hermitage by Nick Di Girolamo as a congratulatory gift following his
March 2011 election victory.

That is why I say that politics in Australia is on auto pilot. Australians know that politicians who do wrong will be punished.   This way we can all go on with our life without worrying too much about politics until the next general election.

What worries me in Australia?

I worry about how this, and other Australian government, treat refugees that comes – legally and illegally – to Australia.

I worry about how, the growing Islamic extremism within the newly arrived Muslim refugees who have been granted residence in Australia, will affect my own security and if there any backlash from Australians against the Muslim communities.

I worry about the weather.

And most of all, I worry about my wife’s dementia and how it will be affecting her in the coming weeks. 

This is how most Australians live their lives daily. 
We do not worry about paying off corrupt cops if we are stopped for a minor traffic infringements. We do not worry about paying off immigration to allow us to stay in the country – you either qualify or you don’t. We do not worry about corrupt ministers or the prime ministers pocketing Aud 2.6 billion into their personal account and we never have to worry that the wife of the prime minister will insist that she is the First Lady of Australia. 
We do not worry about these things because it will never happen here. If you are stopped by the cops for a traffic offence – you pay the fine. If any politicians are corrupt…the police will go after them…for sure! And we know that the prime minister of Australia will never deposit any donation for his political party into his personal account….because anybody that stupid will never be elected to parliament!
Common sense will tell you that Australia is a far far better country for my children and my future generations to grow up in than a Malaysia under Barisan Nasional. Millions who have left Malaysia have surely done so for the same reasons….and the sacrifices that we first generation immigrants have to endure is a small price to pay for the future of our generations to come.   
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