I do not doubt that PR can harness 100,000
strong crowd to protest DSAI’s conviction on 9
th December. And I do
not doubt what Azmin Ali said:
“The system is so rotten, we have to expect the worst-case scenario,”
the Gombak MP said. “Along with PAS and DAP, we will gather 100,000 people at
the court to show our support to the cause fought by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.”
He also warned that public rallies would continue until the next
general election if the former deputy prime minister was found guilty.
will continue. The same night we have a programme in Penang. If he is
acquitted, then Anwar will celebrate in his home state. If not, we will go to
Penang and continue our demands,” he said.
But for what purpose may I ask?
Would it not have been better if Anwar had
used some common sense and NOT employed Saiful?
Would it not have been better if Anwar had
NOT ask to see Saiful alone in that condo to discuss “work matters” given the
possibility of that scenario being exploited by those who wish to do so.
Tapi nasi sudah jadi bubur and now what PR
is trying to do is the impossible.
When Anwar is found guilty the BN
government will be able to take him from that court and incarcerate him if it so
wishes! They have the authority, the force and the political will to do so.
Short of creating huru hara across the
nation, would it not be the right and proper thing for Pakatan Rakyat to  accept the inevitable and focus all our
energy and our commitment to ABU!
So, you ask me, you are asking all of us to
just accept this verdict despite the sham of a trial?
“Anwar’s trial has made a mockery of justice, and fair
and accepted legal procedures; and it has been condemned as such by civil
and political leaders as well as rights bodies worldwide. The
failure to disclose material evidence critical to the defence; the serious
flaws in the way forensic samples were obtained,stored and analyzed; the
unusual and legally unsound pre-judgement of the case by Judge
Zabidin at the end of prosecution case; the extraordinary meeting between the
complainant and the Prime Minister, and the PM’s lying
explanation for it, are but some of the proofs of a wide-ranging
conspiracy behind the Sodomy II case”. 
No I am not asking any body to accept
anything. All I am saying is this:
You are going against a Barisan Nasional
government that has the political will to whack you all senseless.
A Barisan Nasional government that has the
political will to throw as many of you into jail as is necessary to stop this
‘illegal’ gathering or demonstration.
And you are talking about a Barisan
Nasional government that has the political will to kill its own people if that
is what it takes to stop this ‘threat to national security!”.   
And they can also declare an ‘Emergency” to
ensure another 50 years of Barisan Nasional rule ala the May 13
aftermath of 1969.
That is the reality of what the 100,000
strong Pakatan Rakyat demonstration will do to all of us. And Anwar will still
go to prison!
Kit Siang and Hadi are better leaders then
this! Do not lead our people to the slaughter. This is exactly what UMNO wants
you to do – a face to face encounter where you put everything on the line. If
Kit Siang and Hadi do this they know they cannot stop until Anwar is free. And
we know that UMNO will not set Anwar free if the court verdict is guilty.
So tell me ….who will win? As I am fond of
reminding you all…even God is on the side of those with deep pockets and large
It will be up to the wise counsel of Kit
Siang and Hadi to do what is best for all of us. Street fighting and the
spectacle of our young and the not so young being battered and bruised by the
Police and shot at by the Army is not what we want.
Not when the 13th general
election is just around the corner. Not when Najib and his goons are already on
the ropes desperately fighting for their life and losing!
Sabar! The end is near for UMNO and Barisan
Nasional. Channel the anger we feel for this Sodomy Two trial into something
positive for Pakatan Rakyat. If you can raise 100,000 people to protest Anwar’s
conviction, why not raise another 100,000 more to help us with our ABU fight? I
promise you that that will be put the fear of God into Najib and his goons in
Barisan Nasional. Enough fear for them to   
wet their pants just thinking about what
will happen to them when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya! 

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