What did Petra said that has not been said
before? Nothing. Elek. Zilch. And yet the main stream media (MSM) went into overdrive and was able to
spin the whole “RPK exposure” into a supposedly deadly projectile that wounded
the opposition and baited its attendant islands into a frenzy of denials and outright
claims of lies and slander made by RPK. It goaded many into hurried damage
control and defense mechanism mode to minimize damage to DSAI, to PKR and to
all things Pakatan Rakyat.

But really people what new news has RPK brought
from London to Singapore and from thence to you all in Malaysia and
then to me in Adelaide? All things considered what upset me most was the
arrogance displayed by RPK in giving that interview! More arrogant then Nazri
Aziz, then KJ or even the great man himself, Mahathir! But then that has been RPK style all along – so what’s me worry?

Apart from the arrogance displayed by RPK nothing else interest me enough to
want to sit down and dash of my comments to what he said onto my blog quick
I read about it at around 10 p.m. in FMT on
Sunday night. Slept on it and it was only after I read about Haris Ibrahim
resignation because of what Haris alleged RPK said and did, at around 6 p.m. today – then
and only then did it move me to write. And that to, to write more on Haris resignation as
President of MCLM then on what RPK said in the MSM.        
When all is said and done the only
revelations that RPK made that was unknown to me was the prosecution insistence
for a free hand in the sodomy two case. Everything else I know. And if I know
then I am sure you too know! 

That PKR is having problems. Check. 
That Azmin is
having problems. Check. 
That Nurrul is talked about as the next Messiah. Check. 
That Anwar is guilty. Check. 
That Anwar was in the Carcosa tapes. Check. 
Anwar will be found guilty. Check. 
Bribery in Selangor. Check. 
Anwar may become
irrelevant. Check. 
Rights group not a third force. Check-there are a work
in progress! 
Anwar morally unfit to become PM. Go check my blog – I have been saying this from way back when! Check!
And the response is also predictable. Raja
Petra adalah blogger upahan UMNO!
But Haris Ibrahim’s resignation as
President of MCLM is a durian runtuh for UMNO and Barisan Nasional….and this I
guess, will overshadow whatever it is that RPK has said in Singapore these last
few days…..which really brought matters back to the status quo before RPK said
anything to the MSM….except that we are now left without a President for MCLM.
So how?
“Confusion now hath made his masterpiece!”
Willaim Shakespear  
I am now going to be a ‘bujang senang’ for a while and take
a spot high above you all and watch the goings on in these next few days….as
the Chinese like to say “We live in interesting times”. 

I still think those two
Malay guys, Anwar and Zaid, should get together and work out something.
Anything! But I am not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen!  

For the rest of us let us not forget our focus. 
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