think the above line says a lot about the state of things in Malaysia today. Most of what they
say are, for lack of a better word, simply stupid. There is no malice intended
towards other races or religion. 

meant no malice towards anyone when he said he is a Malay first and a Malaysian
second. He just does not get it. If you believe in 1Malaysia, then common sense
will tell you that you are Malaysian first. We Malays expect the Chinese, the
Indians, the Dayaks, the Ibans and all other people who call Malaysia home to
think the same way. If I hear a Chinese say that he is a Chinese first and a
Malaysian second then I will tell him to go back to where he and his ancestors
had come from (even if he was from Batu Pahat!). So this Malay Deputy Prime
Minister of ours simply does not have the mental capacity to understand where
he is coming from. It sound good in his head and he thought it would win him
some points with the Malays – that is how idiots think – only for the moment –
no capability to understand the damage his words can do.

UMNO has a lot of idiots. They seem to hold the license for stupidity or
as we say, God broke the mould after he cast Pemuda UMNO! Don’t get me started
on that Din and that extension of his masculinity – the Keris! Din is in a
class of his own. He thinks that having a cousin who is PM allows him that
leeway to be an idiot. Well I have news for you Din. You do not have to try or act
like an idiot, you are one!

left Pemuda in the hands of like minded idiots! The latest episode is too
tragic to make light of because of the death of a cameraman ……..but here is the
bottom line. This Bumiputra Mamak call Azzeeeeez saw what he thought would be a
sure fire way of propelling him up the ladder of UMNO’s leaders and he went
headlong into something that was way above his head and ended up with a dead
cameraman and with egg on his face. How he will be able to extricate himself
from this mess is to be seen but in UMNO you can never know.

told myself that with Mahathir gone that would be the end of his line in UMNO
politics because he had ensured his children would have enough money to last
many lifetimes – and lo and behold Mukriz is in the cabinet. So you can expect Mukriz and this Azeeez to be up there in the tree tops with the other
monkeys of UMNO swinging on the roof tops of PWTC.

I turn I see myself surrounded by idiots who happens to be politicians. Maybe I
am doing idiots an injustice by putting then together with politicians but can
anyone suggest whom else we could lump these politicians with? If you want to
deliver our country into the hands of thieves then go vote for most of the
current herd of BN politicians.

us start with MCA. If there is one thing you can say about the Chinese in MCA
it is this – they really believe in what Nietzsche said “ That which doesn’t
kill us makes us stronger.”
else do you explain their preoccupation in voting for leaders who routinely
f#*k them up? Look at the list of MCA past president post Tun Tan Siew Sin-a
veritable list of rogues that could rival PDRM list of Malaysia’s most wanted!

We have the spectacle of this TUN who was former President of MCA who is not only bringing ill repute to all the Tuns before and after him, but what is more amazing is his out and out attempts to garner all the wealth he could possible get for himself while President of MCA! Using MCA as his personal jump board for the acquisition of material wealth. His exploits reads like a tale of Bernard Madoff in the US who is already in jail for life (well 150 years is almost life!). Madoff is responsible for USD$65 billion missing from his clients account.

At least Madoff son’s were the one who turned him in to the authorities…..…would Liong Sik son do that to him? The problem with Malaysia is that even if ANYBODY wants to turn him in who could they turn to? MACC? MCA? PDRM or even the Prime Minister himself? Huh! Would you expect BN to censure their own? 

Dey …before the Indians starts pointing fingers at the Chinese please see how
many of those fingers are pointing back at you! All the past MIC President from
1946 to 1979 cannot eclipse what Samy Velu did from 1979 to 2010. By
any definition or criteria this Samy wins hands down. The longest serving, the
most corrupt, the most petulant prima donna, the most “I will retire when I
have made MIC stronger” …..…and the list goes on. In the end it was his own
constituency that told him to “GO” just GO, do not pass GO, do not collect $200
just GO! 

His hair rivals that of Donald Trump. But if there is one thing about
is consistent it is his unwavering belief that MIC will be doomed without him –
and to his discredit he did what he had to do to perpetuate that myth…a myth
that went bust when his own constitutiency kicked him out!

you just imagine how this Toyo guy has lowered the image of the
Jawa’s in Malaysia? And do not forget that it was again Mahathir’s choice to make Toyo the MB of Selangor! 
The Malays are one of the few race that allows, nay even welcome, the
infusion of inferior beings into its melting port of ethnicity in the false
belief that cross pollination will make their race stronger. They forgot one
basic rule
  – you take in people
better then you to make your genes stronger. The same with animals – they only
choose the best to be studs. Not the Malays –once you let Mahathir in the
floodgates were flung open! Now every Azzzez, Toyo, is a bumiputra –LEGALLY!
All this for political expedience – to win the 13
th general
how do you explain the people in Sarawak who seems to be a glutton for
punishment from a Chief Minister who takes and takes from Sarawak coffers as if
it was his own personal fiefdom?

already had Tun Mustapha long before any of us even heard about personality
cults and leaders that throw our money around.

police report lodged..this time against Penang Chief Minisiter Lim Guan Eng by
this Tan Tee Beng Chairman
Partai Kesejahteran Insan Tanak Air (KITA) asking MACC to investigate said
Chief Minister, MPPP and PDC for “irregularities” regarding a RM5million car
park at the foot of Penang Hill. A car park ? Come on lah Tan where got
standard. If you want to go after Guan Eng please go and do some research about
possible links between DAP and big business in Penang – I am NOT saying it
exists but at least you will generate a bit more interest amongst the people
then when you talk about a Car Park!

 Always when I write about our need for honest, accountable and
responsible leaders there will be some amongst you that ask me to show them a
Malaysian leader who is honest, accountable and responsible. The same people
will also tell me that what are the few thousands of ringgits that Pakatan
Rakyat politicians have been accused of embezzling when UMNO and their Barisan
Nasional counterparts have milk our country out of billions and billions of
ringgits. Is the Traffic Cop who takes RM$20 from us to selesai a minor traffic
infringement any different from a Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police who
takes RM$100,000 to allow prostitution in the many massage parlors in Bukit
Bintang? Is the office boy in EPU who will photocopy tender documents for some duit kopi any different from a Minister who will allow workers from
China to be employed on a building site for a crony for a considerable
consideration of the financial kind, any different from each other?

No they are not! Whatever your persuasion politically – it is
not the amount that you take that matters. It is the act of corruption that
matters. Corruption is corruption whether in Kuala Lumpur of Mecca.

We are, for the most part, imperfect. And it is because of all
these imperfections that we must insist that we have leaders from whom we can
expect nothing less then perfection. We do not want leaders who are a little
bit corrupt and a little bit stupid. Especially those who are a little bit stupid! So the next time you hear a politician say something you consider offensive to your race, religion or culture just attribute it to stupidity then to malice. 
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