Everyday without much
effort and with no assistance from anybody,
Prime Minister of ours and his cabinet are able to able to sink deeper and
deeper into a hole of lies, deceit and blatant untruths! I cannot believe this
is what the son of TUN RAZAK is doing to our country. A country his father had
done so much to build. He might not care for the good name of his Father but I
do. And so should you. Because when your Prime Minister says he wants to unite
the country under 1Malaysia and goes out to do exactly the opposite then I can
assure you that we should care or we will perish as a nation.
We cannot dismiss what Najib does by saying “This is
Politics” No Najib this is not “Just Politics”. You have chosen to take our
country in this direction – towards a great racial divide just so you and your
party can stay in power. This was not the way of your father and we will not
allow you to go there. You should be ashamed of yourself. 
To you every person that disagrees with you is a liar.
Every person that sees things differently from you is a threat to the country.
With you politics is no longer about leadership, honour and truth. Politics is
about people with vested interest. Politics is about staying in power. Politics
is about lying to the people of Malaysia. When did you last looked in the
mirror and asked yourself if you deserve to be Prime Minister of our country?
If you show no respect to the people do you expect the people to respect you
You have the Army, PDRM, the Attorney General and
every conceivable governmental department at your beck and call and you still
need the ISA? You should be ashamed of yourself. In my time I have seen many
morally and financially corrupt leaders within UMNO because these are the kind
of leader that UMNO wants. No I do not expect you to be a Mandela…but I expect
you to be better then Mobutu. Better then Idi Amin.
Yes I do not like you and I disagree with what you do but
when you could have shown some greatness by making decision that were difficult
to make but had to be done for the good of the people – you fail to do so. You
could have shown greatness by allowing the courts to try you on Altantuya. You
did not. You could have shown greatness by giving PR a fighting chance to
govern their states. You did not. You could have chosen to go head to head with
Anwar on a level playing field. You did not. You could have chosen to have the
IGP and MACC take responsibility for the abuse their organization wrecked on
the people. You did not. You are not the kind of leader that the people need.
But most of all you should be ashamed for what you done
  to the good your Father have
done for our country. Tun Razak have sacrificed much for the country he loved.
Some say even his life. He was not perfect but he was honest and his love for
the country was self evident in the things he did for Malaysia. What advantages
he has given you in your life you have now paid back by spitting in his face
with the way you rule over our country.
Ask yourself what Tun Razak would say to you now?
Would he have asked you to NOT hold any public office until you have cleared
your name of the Altantuya murder through the courts? Would he have asked you
to take back the RM$500 million of the people money you gave to Razak Baginda?
Thank God he is no longer around to see all this. Shame on you. Shame on you
for bringing disrepute to your fathers name and to his memory.
Tomorrow is another day and the audacity of hope is
still there for us to cling to. To not do so would be to admit defeat and allow
this country of ours to fall with UMNO. And I know your father will not want me
to do that. Your father would want us to fight back and make you understand
that you will not be allowed to get away with stealing from a nations treasury,
lying to our people and destroying what we still have left of this country.
People of Malaysia do not ask for whom the bell tolls,
for it tolls for you! I have lost my patience at the complacency of the
Malaysian people who till now have not risen against a corrupt and hypocritical
BN government. All they talk about is about RPK walking the streets of London
unmolested by the Special Branch, about Malay dominance being eroded, about
FELDA being a prudent investor and about everything else but the well being of
its own people. It is as if the people does not exist. We should have the
courage and be the first to speak out for our rights as citizen of this country
and insist on a government that puts its people first. Laws that protects them
and budgets that provides for us.
As a Malay I want to tell UMNO this. Do not be our
champion any more. Do not burden yourself with trying to lift the Malays out of
their economic malaise and wanting to lead us to the Promised Land. Do not
force upon us your financial, political, economic, emotional and psychological
policies that are designed to suit UMNO not the Malay need. We can t first. When
that is down come talk with us. We will listen. ake care of ourself. You in
UMNO should take care of yourself before you think about taking care of the
Malays. Put your house in order
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