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The times that are a-changing…

One day, Malaysia will be a place where all of us, with a sense of belonging, pride, and in truth, will call it our home. But it will not be soon.

One day we will have as our leaders individuals whose ethical and moral compass will not fail them nor us. But it will not be soon.

One day we will have MPs that serve us, not themselves. We will have a parliament that will uphold honour and decency and have MPs elected by the people, for the people and of the people. All this will one day happen, of that I am sure, but it will not be soon.

One day I will be able to come back to visit or live in Malaysia, my country of birth and the country I call my own, but it will not be soon.

One day my race, my religion, and my gender will be nobody’s business, but mine, but that too, will not be soon.

One day we will all proudly, and with all our hearts, call ourselves Malaysians, but it will not be soon.

When that time will be, depends on you and me.

Everything that needs to be said about the state of our nation, the incompetency, and kleptocracy or our leaders has been said over and over again ad nauseam. 

Enough of debates and talking about this and that. Now is the time for doing. Now is the time for you and me to turn to each other and ask each other what is it that we must now do to take back our country for ourselves. We did that yesterday when Malaysians donated what Malaysiakini needed to pay for the continued freedom of the press. No matter what that cost will be in the future, we know that Malaysians will willingly continue to fight for that cause and any other worthwhile cause that we hold dear and cherished no matter at what costs.

The state of our nation is fast descending into a farce. It is that drift that has to be checked.  The politically privileged now exercise their political power and domination over our nation and our people with legal impunity that bedevils us all. The political pariahs in this BDG led by TSMY, thinks that the Constitution, and the rule of law that they use to persecute others, are somehow not applicable to them. Political incompetence reigns. There is an abundance of greed and arrogance that rivals anything that we have ever seen before. Malay political dominance, a tightening of Malay economic hold that is breathtaking in its lack of meritocracy and waste, and even corruption, are all justified in the name of religion, race and politics. …and as long as we persist to look at it in this way, Malaysia will never be a home for all Malaysians.

I would have thought, that when you are the prime minister of Malaysia, there are certain things that you should not be, things that you would not do or could not want to do. And that you will have enough common sense and self-awareness of what is expected of you by the people you are meant to serve. That the operative word during your tenure as prime minister is “to serve the people” not to “serve yourself!”.

I thought that if you have been corrupt during the time when you have been holding high public office, you will not be the prime minister of my country.

I thought that if you have betrayed friends, your leader, and those that have picked you up from the political gutter that you have fallen into, dust you up and gave you another chance to build yourself up again…if you have betrayed any of these people that have trusted you and helped you in your past political life, I would have expected that whichever side of the political divide they may be on, then you would never and should never have the opportunity to be my prime minister, for if there is anything that is to be despised more than greed and corruption, it is betrayal.

And I thought that if you have betrayed your wife with your philandering, then public opinion, your religious beliefs and Islam itself, would have shamed you into not putting your hands up to be prime minister of my country.

But in all this, I have been wrong.

In TSMY we have all of the above. And he is now the prime minister of my nation!

Within the upper echelons of TSMY cabinet are individuals whose past and present deeds draw a comparison to what TSMY has also done while in high public office. Birds of a feather….
How has our country come to this? How is it that we have crooks, robbers, scammers, philanderers, corrupt individuals ruling over us all?

And yet we know that the times that are a-changing is now upon us.

We the rakyat and all fair-minded Malaysians are fully aware of what is happening to our nation today. We have read, heard, discussed, commented upon, and debated about this back door PN government too many times to not know. Eminent Malaysians, Malaysians of all persuasion and Malaysians of all background have also done so. The King has spoken, the prime minister has spoken. Ex prime ministers and wannabe prime ministers too, have spoken. And even prime minister in waiting has had their say. Nothing has been left unsaid. There really is nothing left to be said. Now the time for doing has come. 

And like what had happened with Malaysiakini yesterday, there must have the funds to do what is the right thing to do by us and by our nation. If they do not have the funds, we must provide them with the funds as we did yesterday. So please guys spare a thought for those Independents who are doing it tough because they lack the funds to mount an effective campaign in their bid to get elected to represent us. Spare a thought for the NGO’s, the activists, the bloggers and all those individuals and entities that are doing it tough financially to take back Malaysia from the political pariahs who are, at this very moment, running our nation into the ground. Without adequate funds, we cannot do the work we need to do to make Malaysia great again. Dig deep and donate to keep us all going. If you had not, Malaysiakini would have ceased to exist. And if you do not help us to keep going, we too will slowly but surely cease to exist dalam masa terdekat. 

Enough said.  

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