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Langkah Sheraton. The end of…..

How do you think this Langkah Sheraton will end?

Semburit as prime minister? Huh…he wished!

Bersatu as the kingpin of Malaysian politics calling the shots, making the deals, and forming alliances with other political pariahs that will overshadow Umno, Pas and Pakatan Harapan? Are you kidding me?

Will TSMY politically survive past 2021? Why don’t you ask me if Trump will make a comeback at the next US presidential election! Why don’t you ask me if Trump can keep his head above water and survive the criminal and civil charges that will come his way once he no longer has the Office of the President of the US of A protecting him from the Judiciary? Trump is done for. Din is also done for. What is left for Din and his political pariahs is the manner in which they will exit Putrajaya and that will not be decided by them but by those who are now plotting his political demise even as we speak!

What other permutations can anyone come up with? Hishamuddin Hussein as DPM and then PM? When all is said and done, will Cash still be King? Who now has the cash? Who now will survive past 2021? So many questions that only time can give answers to. So we wait, and we will not have long to wait.  

We are now witnessing the end game being played out in real-time. We see TSMY increasingly being isolated. Umno increasingly agitated. Pas being financially sated and still wanting more but like an obese glutton who had eaten more than he should, Pas can only wait for the inevitable…in Malaysian politics when greed and arrogance become your main preoccupation, you will die an early political death. 

Pakatan Harapan has been mitigated by its own folly. MCA, DAP, and MIC are gated and can only wait for crumbs to be thrown their way. Sabah and Sarawak are no longer subjugated and they are elated that their worth is being rated highly by the powers that be in Putrajaya. If they carry themselves well, Sabah and Sarawak will come out of all this stronger, and secure for themselves what should have long been their rights…to be a partner to, not a servant of, Semananjung.

More MPs will declare withdrawing their support from Din. Lawyers will challenge the proclamation of the Emergency. The covid-19 infections will rise for the next few days and weeks (with KKM Minister massaging the Covid 19 statistics, this is easily done!) to justify what they are doing, then it will gradually decrease but will remain in the thousands for the next couple of months to justify Din’s calling of the Emergency. 

But Din’s time in Putrajaya has peaked. What comes after the proclamation of this Emergency will take him down, down to the pits of politics. The exodus away from PN will be sustained and real. Parliament or no parliament, no prime minister can govern without a majority.

Apart from the political pariahs that depend on Din for their pocket money and periok nasi, no MP worth their salt wants Din as PM. And those whom Din has already “rewarded” with plum appointments in GLCs and government-linked authorities know that there are no longer rich pickings in the position that they are now in for all these institutions have been picked clean by that convicted felon from Pekan and his band of merry men.

And anything they political pariahs do will be closely scrutinized and akan di sebarkan via the Internet onto the public domain. The gravy train has not stopped, but it is making fewer stops and at longer intervals.

Din has the Agong and his brother Rulers blessing through the Emergency to hold on to political power until August? Really? Do you really think Din will survive the onslaught that is to come in these coming days and weeks just with the backing of Royalty? Which Royals?

You need to understand that there are Royals who can think for themselves. You need to understand that while there are Royals who are in “business” and need Putrajaya “assistance” to do their “business,” the reality is that whoever is in Putrajaya can assist these Royals in “business.” So these Royals are open to “offers” and will do deals not only with Din but also with others who fancy their chance of taking over from Din.

So all bets are off. Cash is again King. I have that distinct feeling that a general election will come sooner rather than later. If not a general election then an overwhelming tidal surge of political overkill will be unleashed that will surely engulf and drown Din and hid political pariahs dalam masa terdekat. And I kid you not!

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