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cakap cakap…emergency is to prevent election and other stuff.

Why Negeri Sembilan with so many cases not declared MCO? I am wondering what this gomen is up to.

All govt servants balik kampung for 2 wks. Highways all jammed. Govt servants happy, dont lose their jobs, get paid to go on holidays for 2 weeks and infect everyone. They have stable job income. Why need to give incentive to them?

All professionals allowed to work from office at 100% capacity. So everyone in the private sector still can go to office

All major govt departments are closed. ie land office, tax, lhdn, etc etc.  Courts are closed. I was in court today. Whole day.  And the court staff are all so excited
All celebrating. So excited can chill at home for the next 4 to 6 weeks. Just paid vacation for them.

Private schools are open.
For 5 students allowed to go to school.
Only the eateries will be dead.
Other than that looks like everything will be pretty much the same as MCO.

A real nonsense policy. Only God knows. I think God also will get confused with Malaysian politics. 😅😅

Two people to a car. No dine in. But everything else normal

Gomen did too little n too late to save SMEs. Majority owners are Nons but what Gomen never think bout is that SMEs hired a lot of Malay! What if these Malays are retrenched? So who suffers most?

Covid 19 figures are going to go through the roof. This is what the govt wants to happen to stay in power. PM should be impeached, like Trump.

I don’t understand why Agong agreed to Emergency! It is irresponsible of our PM to request the Agong to declare an emergency. He has sufficient power already to deal with covid 19. Why Agong agreed to declare emergency? Trade Off?

Now the Agong is in charge of controlling Covid 19!!!

Emergency is about ensuring that PM stays in power nothing to do with Covid 19. Now the reported covid cases will start to shoot up to justify prolonging Emergency.

Din got his wish. The Emergency is to prevent an election.

It will take 18 months to vaccinate 80% of the Malaysian population and achieve herd immunity. What exactly is PN’s strategy during this period? We can’t forever turn to lockdowns whenever Covid-19 cases skyrocket.

Now we wait for the idiot Ismail Sabri to announce the detailed SOPs. Have mercy, do we have to put up with this incompetent piece of shit again?

Enough said!

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