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Lest We Forget : Shahidan Kassim : A serial fornicator when MB.

Minderjeet Kaur  23 hrs ago
KUALA LUMPUR: Shahidan Kassim (BN-Arau) hari ini beritahu Najib Razak (BN-Pekan) bahawa mereka yang menolak Belanjawan 2021 adalah ‘pengkhianat’, di sebalik kritikan terhadap beberapa perkara dalam bajet itu. Katanya, sesiapa sahaja yang menolak belanjawan itu, termasuk Najib jika beliau menolaknya, sudah khianat rakyat kerana rakyat tunggu ia diluluskan. Katanya lagi, mereka yang kehilangan kerja menunggu belanjawan diluluskan supaya mereka dapat bantuan.

The Ugly Malaysian: Shahidan Kassim

First posted on Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Shahidan Kassim was MB of Perlis from 1995 to 2008. During that time he fathered at least one child out of wedlock fornicated with many teenage Malay girls from Perlis and impregnated at least two Malay girls who had abortions to abort his child.He considered himself such a Lothario that he was not beyond having a quickie while on his exercise runs in and around Perlis in the evening. He was no slouch when it comes to making money too. A self-styled UMNO warlord he was ultimately left high and dry by Barisan Nasional  members of the Perlis State Assembly who had grown tired of his sexual and ego seeking political shenanigans! He was always eager to “come down” to KL for the sake of the party and to meet with the party faithful on matters of national interest after which he would pursue matters of personal interest with his under aged mistresses. He is still fuming that UMNO has forgotten his “services” in the front line against the Sultan of Johore during the “Mahathir fight Sultan” era. Nowadays he is left to amuse himself with the wealth he had accumulated while in office…. go play with yourself Shahidan!


Shahidan Kassim : “It is a glaring case of possible injustice at best and a perpetrator getting off ‘scot-free’ at worse…”

Saturday, April 27th, 2019| Letter: A consultant in Social Services comments on the Shahidan Kassim case & says, “It is a glaring case of possible injustice at best and a perpetrator getting off ‘scot-free’ at worse…”

I refer to the news report that Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, a former Government Minister who was facing molest charges against a 15-year-old girl  received a discharge, not amounting to an acquittal, because the complainant refused to be questioned further (the Sun 25th April 2019).

Despite asking the girl to testify in camera, the whole court setting can be a harrowing experience for a minor. Other countries, whose child protection laws are more advanced would sought to make facilities available in exceptional cases, where expert Police and professional social workers may video-record investigative interviews for submission to the court or, in cases where testifying is necessary, the procedure may involve closed circuit TV or via a one-way screen from another room.

This is a glaring case of possible injustice at best and a perpetrator getting off ‘scot-free’ at worse, whereby the court setting, with its organisational and procedural constraints were such that normal evidence submission process in a court of law is utterly inappropriate for child/minor witnesses. I believe that prior to the formal charge and court hearing, this case involving a high profile public figure was rumoured to involve allegations of witness contact and the possibility of the complainant’s family being coerced.

In the instance of criminal proceedings in child protection case cases and despite testifying in camera, the complainant, often the victim, already under enormous pressure to continue with her evidence, can be intimidated by the presence of the accused and other adults.

Growing awareness of child abuse and the need for safeguarding of vulnerable must be accompanied by sensible changes to protocols and procedures to ensure that justice is served which in this case, a minor.  In this case, the shortcomings outlined above may have made the whole ordeal very traumatic for the girl and her family, resulting in a greater loss than a gain. In the longer term, there may be local community repercussions making it unbearable for the family.

Finally, the courts or the justice system must always proceed with objectivity and fairness and of course there will be always challenging issues, in ensuring the balance between the rights of the accused against the protection of children but ultimately as in this case, minors likewise children as well are reliable witnesses, not as traditionally being regarded as unreliable.

The views expressed are those of the contributor)


Jim Lim is a former Director of Social Services in a London Borough and a former CEO of a charity.

25 April 2019



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