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Doing away with the vernacular schools?

Please pardon me for my long post.

I am all out for a one type of school for all Malaysians!!!!!

Vernacular schools the cause for racial disharmony in Malaysia? I agree!

Simply because the national schools do not give equal opportunities to everyone.

My son was in a SK school. He was deprived from participating in the school sports although he got the 1st placing during the sprint selection.

He was not allowed to perform on stage to recite stories although he had the ability to.

He was told to go back to India by his teacher as he spoke more English. She even told me that during the Parents Teachers Meeting.

The other students constantly called him ‘keling’ and ‘kafir’ which put him in undue stress and I couldn’t do anything about it but console my son.

The Indian children from the Tamil schools wouldn’t be bagging so many gold medals around the world for their Science inventions and innovations if they were in SK schools. Their self confidence is never tested and questioned in their own language school whereas they would have been ridiculed and put to shame had they ever tried to show their talents in a SK school.

Till today I have not forgotten nor forgiven for how the SK Wangsa Melawati school management treated my son throughout his primary education.

One girl of my son’s age cried every day because she was traumatised by the class teacher. The mother had to take her to see the doctors and psychologists to treat her. Finally, they left the country though they were Malaysians. The girl is a successful doctor in Australia now. Whose loss is this?


First of all the SK schools must be revamped to be able to accept people of other races as human beings, not kafir or whatever nonsensical terms.

Secondly, have P. O. L classes… People’s Own Language as a mandatory subject.

Thirdly, every child should be treated equally with equal opportunities.

Fourthly, any teachers promoting hatred among the students must be suspended from teaching for at least a year.

Lastly, let the education panel be filled with people who are really educated, not politicians. The Malaysian education system must be revamped and the teachers must be trained to be competent enough to carry out their teaching tasks effectively. They should not be loaded with so much of paperwork. The school teachers are doing more clerical work than actual teaching these days.

And the very final thing is to stop preaching religious knowledge in schools. We should have separate religious schools for that. A common prayer in BM will do for all children. Why do we behave as if we dropped from the sky whilst others popped out of the poop?

Then we can talk about doing away with the vernacular schools.

Happy weekend!


author unknown.

Posted as forwarded to me.

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Sayed Abudhahir Bin Habeeb Mohd
Sayed Abudhahir Bin Habeeb Mohd
4 months ago

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