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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : TSMY end is nigh!

We are in trouble. We are facing a national crisis of epic proportions. In these coming days, weeks, and months, we will see our people tested, our will to overcome the challenges that we face battered and bruised by the constant demands of duty and responsibilities beyond our abilities to provide and overcome and the real frightening possibilities of our people, our nation and our future being subject to the will of irresponsible treasonous leaders who are driven by greed. Greed for insane wealth. Greed for political power. The greed that has already given us TSMY, Azmin Ali, Hishamuddin Hussein, Hamzah Zainudin, Zuraidah, and others of their ilk.

All of them crooks, liars, scammers, and, to our detriment, they are by default, the political “elites” and leaders that now rule over us. Not at our pleasure, not as our elected representatives…but they are leaders who by deceit, devious and destructive means, and in the dead of political night when we have been asleep in the mistaken belief that those whom we have elected to high public office will be true to the trust we have placed in their hands to govern us, to be our leaders…. these treasonous individuals have been able, albeit temporarily, to impose their political will upon us all.  

It has been six months since this back door government has ruled over us without our blessings, without moral legitimacy, and certainly, like thieves who steal under cover of darkness, TSMY, the leader of his back door government, has only been able to hold on to government in the knowledge that political power is his only because the gathering storms that will sweep him and his cohorts away is still to arrive at his doorsteps.

The gathering storm will certainly come and destroy his house of cards. The gathering storm will sweep him and his band of treasonous political opportunists out of office. The only question left for all of us to ponder is simply this…when they are gone, who will govern in their place.

Who indeed!

For me the answer is obvious. We are a democracy. Our leaders are elected by us and serve at our pleasure.

So let us, by any means, take back our nation from TSMY and his devious and delinquent political knaves and put in their place our elected representatives.

If they can get their act together, regroup, and restructure in time, that will be Pakatan Harapan. If they can once again have good responsible leaders, if they can once again tempt the Malays to trust and believe in them again, and if they can put together another believable Barisan coalition that will make the rakyat also believe in them again…. that will be Umno. And given the present circumstances that make friends of political enemies and enemies of political friends, it can be a mix of any of the above or none of the above.

Be prepared for the worst possible permutations of political misfits and political opportunists and yet, let us hope, that when we are so much in need of good, decent and responsible leaders, there will be good, decent and responsible leaders who will emerge and do their duty to King country and its people.

All this will happen in these coming days, weeks and at most in these coming months. We are already seeing the emergence of leaders who are above politics, and we pray, will remain above politics. These are the Royals… the nine Sultans and the King. Today by example and default, they have imposed their moral authority over the politicians.

Enough moral authority over politicians to hold them to account. These are not the Royals of Tun Mahathir’s time when their abuse of Royal Office and privileges weakened their moral authority and damn them to accede to a Mahathir who was able to impose his political will upon them. Today the Royals, with a wise and patient King leading them, are a legitimate and real force to be reckoned with…. especially when rogue politicians are around. And we are the better for it. Daulat Tuanku!

What we lack are decent ethical political leaders of goodwill. And because we still lack them today, we will have to settle for leaders who can govern in their own right. Not leaders like TSMY whose place in infamy in the history of our nation has already been earned. He and his band of a treasonous cabal of political schemers will be gone dalam masa terdekat!. Of this, I am sure because the greed, vanity, self-interest, corruption, and treason in politics like the one we saw on display in Langkah Sheraton, are simply not sustainable.

There are many other questionable leaders in our midst today and all of them, without exception, have already been outed and exposed for what they really are. You can be sure that whoever emerges from this pile of political garbage that we have in Malaysia today, should, will, and must have learned their lessons on what NOT to do in politics in Malaysia today.

We do not have long to wait. As I have said earlier, it will happen in these coming days, weeks, or at most, months.

Meanwhile, we, you and I, wait. Sabar menanti. May the Force be with us all.