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Selamat Pagi Malaysia.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia…
Always, ada aja berita yang peningkan kepala dari Bolehland. This morning it is the tweet from Tun Mahathir that read “Muslims have the right to be angry and to kill millions of French people for the massacre of the past” 


A comment from JK.

“Macron might have been wrong. But that doesn’t make Mahathir right. The misogyny alone made me cringe let alone his badly worded ‘historical’ argument. As an ex-PM he has to word his arguments carefully or else be quiet. This does nothing but add fire to an already inflamed situation. But it’s put him in the spotlight which is I think his favorite place to be”. 

And one from Taj.

Funny enough what M says is the sentiment of 90% conservative Muslims. I know because I live among Muslims. Try and look who will condemn the killing. Minister Zul? Asri? Sultan? Hadi? MSabu? IKRAM? ABIM? None will because the Malays will Not support you

Enough said.

What about the other “issue” bothering us all? At 3.48 am last night I received this message from within the Citadel…the Umno citadel that is: “no discussion on TPM”.  That means we have to wait for another Umno’s MT meeting dalam masa terdekat before there is a “resolution” to the TPM kemelut. I do not know whether to laugh or to cry but one thing is certain, PN is still alive and well…but nyawa di hujung pedang!

Today is the second day of “relative” freedom in Melbourne. Lockdown is a thing of the past. No more overnight curfew. Restaurants are again opened. And the streets in Fitzroy where I live are again alive with crowds kesana kesini. For the past two days zero new cases of COVID 19 and zero deaths. Melbourne is alive and well.

It is noon now and I still have not had breakfast…maybe lunch would be a better idea given the time of day…..so I am going to take five, chill and take care of myself – body and soul. Be good. Do good and be nice to one another. Life is good.





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