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cakap cakap : not in my life time? Maybe…

There is disappointment. There is a sense of being used, abused, and taken advantage of. There are at times, a sense of hopelessness and resignation of their own inabilities to make right what is wrong around them. There is growing resentment and revulsion at how those, in whom they have placed their trust and hope, have let them down. But most of all there is anger. There is anger at the state of our nation today.

This is no longer anger that seethes silently beneath the surface of a docile and pliant rakyat. There is no longer the feudal mentality common among the Malays that damms them to be accepting of the abuse by Malay political leaders upon their own kind. There is increasingly a push back from the non-Malays against those who use the politics of race and religion to label them as being “ungrateful pendatangs” when the reality is otherwise. Yes there is also fear among Malaysians for what the future will hold for them as the follies of political leaders lost in greed, power and hubris tends to overwhelm the needs of our people, of our nation, and of our future. Anarchy threatens, Armageddon looms and if we are not careful, we will surrender our nation to thieves, robbers, liars, and scammers.

There is nothing wrong with the non-Malays. In the times that I have lived among them in Malaysia, work with them, eat with them, mix with them, and sometimes argue, debate, and disagreed with them on things that we did not see eye to eye with, there has never been a time when I dislike them for being a non-Malay. But today, politics have changed all that for all of us.

Politics have also changed the Malays into who there are today. The Malays today are aware that being a Malay affords oneself perks, privileges, and domination, whether real or perceived, over the nons. Time, common sense, and self-awareness among many Malays have made them realize that this Ketuanan Melayu, Maruah Melayu and the perks and privileges of being a Malay are totally “owned” by Malay political leaders for their own political and financial advantage. And no more is this a reality than the political leaders in Umno, Pas, and any other political parties and entities where Malay political leaders can be found. No exception. No ifs or buts. All this you and I know. All this the nons also know. That is why today there is much anger among all those who call Malaysia home, anger at the state of our nation today.

What is different today is simply this. After the 2018 general election, we the rakyat, have tasted blood. The blood of politicians who are corrupt. What is a reality today is that Najib Razak, the son of Tun Razak and an ex-PM of Malaysia, is now a convicted felon. His wife Rosmah is on trial for same. And so are other Malay politicians from Umno. If the courts can find Najib Razak guilty as charged, the fate of others in court, no matter who or what they are, also hangs in the balance. While there is still much to be desired of the court process, we know that in time, those who abuse their public office for financial gain will have their day in court.

Today the forces of good in Malaysia are facing off against the forces of evil. Every political maneuver, from Langkah Sheraton to what will prevail in the coming days or weeks, have to do with not only political greed and avarice but most critically, it has to do with keeping those charged and to be charged with corruption and abuse of public office, out of the reach of the Judiciary. And any aspirant to the post of PM, be it TSMY, DSAI, Zahid Hamidi, Ku Li , Tun Mahathir and even……yes even…..Najib Razak….have to deal with how to keep those charged and about to be charged with corruption, out of the reach of the Judiciary. All of them are tainted. All of them are guilty of taking care of their own kind. The rakyat does not matter!

And the Rakyat will not matter until the whole lot of politicians that we have today…politicians from the government, in government, in the opposition, for the opposition…until the whole lot of them are no more. Dismissed from office, voted out, retired, or dead. All this may not happen in my lifetime – for, after all, I am already 72., but it has started in my lifetime!

Two days back our King said no to Din’s attempt to declare an Emergency. To all intents and purposes, Tun Dr. Mahathir is done with politics. Najib Razak is a convicted felon. Many old goats (and GOAT here does not mean GREATEST OF ALL TIMES!)…many old political goats will have their day in court and whatever that comes after that, will keep them quiet for a long time, if not forever. DSAI is still there fighting to be…what else…to be PM. Will he be third time lucky? He knows and we know that if he does become PM because he is working with the same political goats of old, then his political fate will go the same way of others that have come before him…he will be out of a job before his term is out. Azmin, Zuraidah and those involved in the Langkah Sheraton are dead meat. Nobody wants them and there is nowhere else they can go. Done. History will tell their grandchildren that they have joined Rosmah as being the most despised and loathed “celebrities” in Bolehland. Yes I may not see all of them gone in my lifetime, but real change has already started in my lifetime. And for that I am grateful!







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