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Back Door Cabinet Emergency! Din to resign?




The Back Door Prime Minister has been dealt a subtle yet public rebuke by the Agong and his brother Rulers.

Long story short Tuanku told Din that he is doing a good job of managing the Covid 19 pandemic and they believe that Din’s government will continue to manage the pandemic adequately, BUT, they publicly question his motive for wanting an Emergency. Ada udang di sebalik batu kut?

And that question is also directed to Din’s “advisors” who have persuaded Din to advise the YDPA that an Emergency is required if the Nation is to saved from the economic and health ravages of COVID 19. Bad advise.

Din wants to do the right thing and resign. However, indications are that the same “advisors” who were advising him on the need for that Emergency are now strenuously advising Din NOT to resign for if Din resigns, they too will have to resign.

The night is still young and we await the morning with bated breath and hope. Hope that when morning comes, we will be rid of TSMY and his gang of advisors! So help me God! 

Now, where is my coffee…had enough excitement to last me till Kingdom come. And looking at what is happening in Malaysia today, kingdom come is not that far away!





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