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Thai King : The people says enough!

The world is impressed with what is happening in Thailand where university students are leading the demonstrations that are rapidly gaining popular support. The demonstrations have not stopped since July. The students are NOT asking for the monarchy to be overthrown because the monarchy is highly revered in Thailand. But they want it to be reformed to be more transparent and accountable. They want the Les Majeste laws to be replaced with reforms giving the people through parliament the right to question the official and personal actions of the King. In other words, they want the King to rule by the grace of Parliament , much like what the English lords told their king 600 years ago that he should rule at the pleasure of parliament. The British still observe this tradition today which requires the sovereign to ask the permission of the Sergeant at Arms to open the door for her to enter the chamber of the House of Commons to deliver the annual Queen’s speech. This tradition has been observed until today to remind the Kings and Queens of Britain that they are not supreme — they rule at the pleasure of parliament.

The Thais want the same — that the King submits to the supremacy of parliament.

In the case of India and Indonesia, when they became independent, they put their sultans on pension.

I am sure the Sultans of Brunei and Saudi Arabia will be wondering whether their own people will do what the Thais are doing today and what the English parliamentarians did 600 years ago. The days of absolute monarchy are over as people power spreads to the feudal kingdoms and sultanates esp in the Middle East. .
Long live people power. When the people gain power, they choose democracy as the system that best serves public. That’s the message from Thailand. I wish the Thai students all the best in their desire to see better transparency and accountability from the monarchy and parliament.


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