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cakap cakap…keadaan semasa.

I do not follow the cuts and thrust of everything that happens in politics in K Hell. …and will not do so even if I am paid well to do just that. The truth of the matter is simply this – depending on our druthers, we bloggers can put a spin on any situation, any individual, any crisis, or any Langkah done by anyone anywhere in the vicinity of Sheraton or any other God-forsaken place in K Hell. Some of us do so for money, some do so because we truly believe in the individual or the things that we are writing about, and some of us write to keep you guys apprise of the latest happenings in Bolehland.

Some of you guys that read what we write know what is truth and what is fiction. You know what is spin and what is kosher. Unfortunately, there are also many out there not capable of doing that but, for the most part, Malaysians get their highs and lows from the 24-hour news circle that has become the opium of life for many.

You devour what you see on the WWW with relish and then proceed to educate everyone else with what you have “learned” from that brief few minutes that you spent reading or listening to Anwar announcing ”I have a strong formidable majority – enough to form a government” and there you have it, another true Anwarist is born. Some of you will look beyond Anwar. You look at Umno, Pas, DAP, Bersatu or maybe even Pejuang. And those few minutes you spend reading about any of those things or all of those things make you into an armchair critic, or better still, a keyboard warrior, who wants to educate others of what you think you are already an expert at. To each his own.

I and many others have written pages and pages about this Anwar Ibrahim. Not in the last few weeks, not in the last few months…but for me, in the last decade and more….and yet, why, when Anwar was virtually anointing himself the next Prime Minister, why were I and many others, skeptical? Why did we say “Anwar show me the money!”. Why did we say, before, during, or after he has met the King….. why did we say there will never be a list of the supporters?  Why did we say that this time around, Anwar Ibrahim is done for! Surely there will not believe a guy who has cried “WOLF” three times. Yes guys…for the third time, Anwar is telling us that he has the numbers to be PM when he does not have those numbers!

But one thing we did not anticipate was the gullibility of so many of you! Have you heard of that “Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me”? What do you call someone who is still gung-ho for DSAI after being fooled for the third time? A true Anwarist? Huh! This is going to be another long week of politics!

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Be good, do good, and be nice to one another.





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