Hi Guys…want to know the latest on what is happening in K Hell…here let me share what has been forwarded to me this morning…not two days ago, not yesterday…but just this morning. Ready? Here goes…


14/10, 3:19 PM] : Nak share latest info yang saya dapat berkenaan isu DSAI meeting YDPA;
– DSAI mempunyai majoriti based on support from DAP, AMANAH, WARISAN plus MP UMNO (individual not en bloc). Total 16 UMNO MPs from total 39 supported DSAI. Few MPs from GPS also pledge support for DSAI. 3-4 MPs from Azmin Ali team also will u turn back to support DSAI.
– DSAI names Ku Li as DPM to galvanized support from UMNO MPs.
– UMNO MPs fed up being bullied by Bersatu and Azmin Ali team particularly after Sabah PRN.
– Tun M met with PM Muhyidin on 12.10.2020 to set a plan to stop DSAI from being PM. Tun M nak sailang plan DSAI. Tun M proposed for Ku Li to be offered as PM so that
– a) UMNO MPs will cancelled their plan to support DSAI as the PM will be from UMNO
– b) Bersatu will loss PM position but still hold Menteri Kanan and GLC position
– c) PAS will continue their support as long they were part of cabinet
– d) GPS as usual will play safe and will continue support anybody that being then federal government so that they will not be opposition in Sarawak
– e) Pejuang with 6 MPs will support Ku Li as PM

– Main objective Tun M – DSAI tak boleh jadi PM.
– Masalah Tun M, adakah Ku Li bersetuju untuk jawatan PM as Ku Li, tidak tamak tak tidak bercita2 besar,
– As for now nobody knows what were discussion between Ku Li and YDPA whether Ku Li on DSAI or Tun M side.
– On the issue why DSAI not given the list to YDPA or make public the list is mainly to avoid buying of MPs to switch side by Tun M and Tun Daim.
– Basically DSAI move on 13.10.2020 is to trigger YDPA to;
– 1) Call Muhyiddin and asking him whether he still command the majority of MPs. If yes then he need to present the list OR
– 2) YDPA can request Dewan Rakyat on Nov 2020 session to make no confidence vote OR
– 3) YDPA will call Royal Council to discuss, get advice from Peguam Negara and make a decision

This kind of wayang even Hantu confused…


  • Good contribution. DSAI is very experienced & intelligent politician. He may have his trump card which he hasnt opened it yet. We may see it soon!
  • What a fucked country we are.
  • DSAI intelligent for who? 🤔🙄
  • Again the tun mamak trying to screw us up. He is so afraid his 4 children will be brought to justice.


Steadyaku47 comment : All of the above, and more are “going down” in K Hell just this morning, and it is not even noon! Oh dear God, what has my beloved Malaysia become? Are you all mad? If you believe any of the above spins, some of the above spin, or even any of the above spin and any of the conspiracy theories floating around K Hell, then I suggest you get your head examined. Take everything you hear or read with a grain of salt. 

Please try and get some sense of sanity and rationality in your head. Do not take all this BS around us too seriously. How do I handle all this madness? Let me share my conversation with Viv last night when she asked if I have read Art Harun’s reply to Ku Li’s letter: 

Viv : You seen the letter yet? Art Harun’s reply I refer.
Me : Letter posted in my blog earlier on. As I said earlier on…it will end with Umno back in Government.
Viv : Oops sorry
Me : No worries…I just post them…I do not read them 😂😂🤣
Viv : 😂😂😂 disinterested ?
Me : I will go mad if I do…I go by instinct…read the first few lines…if ok…I share…but don’t go telling people this…they will think this old man is crazy.
Viv : 😂😂😂 ….U so cute lah
Me : I am still amazed that people read what I write…
Viv : Keep doing that, we all need to keep Ssein… 😛 I mean sane 😂😂😂
And then we said goodnight! 
Life is good. Do not let all these conspiracy theories get too lodged into your head. Do not read all those inane postings and try to keep track of what others think is happening. Use your own common sense. There will only be one ending to all this silliness…Umno will be back in Putrajaya dalam masa terdekat. It is not something I want. It is not something I look forward to, nor is it something I can prevent or delay. Such is life. Live life the best way you can. Do good. Be good and be nice to people and May The Force Be with You! Rakyat Jaga Rakyat!
And if anybody is wondering, Elvis Has Left the Building!


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