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Royal Pahang Durian Group! This is not good!

On durian….


Press statement (English and Chinese) by DAP Tras State Assemblyperson Chow Yu Hui on July 15, 2020:

Musang King Crisis: Pahang State Gov’t’s Unequal Land Scheme Crushes Raub Durian Farmers’ Livelihood

Tras State Assemblyperson Chow Yu Hui condemned the Pahang State Government for disregarding durian farmers’ livelihood. Chow opined that the State Government’s latest scheme with regard to durian farmland was completely absurd as farmers were never consulted when the State Government was formulating an unequal contract that will sideline local farmers and severely impact on the durian industry, thus leading to a possible “Musang King Crisis”. 

The Pahang State Government, through its state statutory body Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Negeri Pahang (PKPP), and Royal Pahang Durian Group had jointly established Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd.

A press statement issued on July 10, 2020, states that the Pahang State Government had on 24 June 2020 awarded Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd the lease and land use rights for 5,357 acres of land in the district of Raub, covering areas namely Sang Lee, Sungai Chetang, Tras, Sungai Ruan, and Sungai Klau, for a period of 30 plus 30 years.

Therefore, Chow put forward a question to the State Government: If the State Government had decided to rent the so-called illegal farms to another entity, why didn’t it prioritize the local farmers who have been farming for decades?

The local farmers undoubtedly have a richer experience in farming and have established quality control as well as production, logistics and export chains that are complete, smooth-running, and well-ordered. Apart from that, many farmers have been submitting applications to the State Government for years and are still willing to pay the necessary rent to the State Government. Why did the State Government not approve the land applications for years, but a scheme was formulated abruptly instead to grant the land to a huge private corporation?

“The very reason why “illegal farms” exist in the first place is that the State Government had constantly refused to approve applications submitted by farmers. The State Government’s scheme of renting the land to a huge private corporation precisely and clearly proved the fact that illegal farms can actually be legalized. 

However, it appears that the State Government favored a large private corporation over the farmers who have been giving immense contributions to Malaysia’s and local economy.”

Chow pointed out that the unequal contract compels farmers to hand over their durian harvests to the company, for a price that is lower than the market price. Apart from that, farmers will also be required to pay an exorbitant rent of RM6,000 per acre this year. Hence, imposing such unreasonable terms is similar to forcibly taking away part of the fruits of the farmers’ labor.

Chow questioned the State Government as to why PKPP was not assisting local Pahang farmers and protecting their rights. Even if the State Government intends to develop the durian industry, its state statutory body or state government-linked companies (GLCs) can establish ties and collaboration with the farmers to achieve the purpose. 

Why must the scheme involve a third party which is a large private corporation? To make matters even worse, the State Government jointly established a company with the large private corporation and offered an unequal contract to the farmers, thus mercilessly crushing farmers’ livelihoods as a result. 

Besides that, Chow also worried that once the precedent, whereby a large private corporation is given the privilege to make an unequal contract with farmers, is successfully set, the market of Musang King Durian will be monopolized by a single corporation. Without self-regulation under the free market system, the price of Durian is foreseeable to skyrocket while durian vendors and durian processing plants might even shut down eventually due to a lack of competition as well as the increasing difficulty of collecting durians. 

Besides that, in order to collect the unreasonable amount of durian as stipulated in the unequal contract, farmers who are like drowning men who clutch at straws might eventually be forced to plant low-quality durian trees that could produce a larger amount of harvest. Such a situation will, unfortunately, backfire and undermine Malaysia’s reputation as the top Musang King producer in the world.

Chow said that the clock is ticking as the Pahang Chief Minister Wan Rosdy ordered all farmers to “come forward” with Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd by August 9. Therefore, Chow urged all affected farmers to stay united and to take legal action in order to reject the unequal contract offered by the company. DAP is ready to provide any forms of assistance to protect the farmers from exploitation.

Chow Yu Hui
DAP Pahang Tras State Assemblyperson





彭亨州政府通过子公司彭亨州农业发展局(PKPP)和财团彭亨皇家榴莲集团(Royal Pahang Durian Group)联合成立 Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd,并于2020年7月10日发表文告宣布,彭亨州政府已在今年6月24日,授予Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd租赁和使用劳勿县內5千357英畝土地的租契,涵盖地区包括生利、只登、都赖、双溪兰、双溪吉流等,為期30+30年。






邹宇晖表示,由于彭亨州务大臣旺罗斯迪已经下令所有农民必须在8月9日前向Royal Pahang Durian Resources PKPP Sdn Bhd “报到”,因此时间紧迫,他呼吁所有受影响农民,联合起来采取法律行动,拒绝该公司开出的不平等协议,而行动党也准备给予任何形式的协助,以确保农民的利益不会被剥削。



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