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Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Rahman, அப்துல் அஸீஸ் பின் அப்துல் ரஹீம், romanized: Aptul asīs piṉ aptul rahīm

Early yesterday morning I posted a cut and paste article about அப்துல் அஸீஸ் பின் அப்துல் ரஹீம்romanized: Aptul asīs piṉ aptul rahīm aka Kalimuthu a/l Ariappa aka bartender aka salesman kereta terpakai aka ex alumni Preston University aka convertee Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim bin Abdullah aka Ahli Najis…opps sorry Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, aka Member of Parliament (MP) of Malaysia for the seat of Baling in the state of Kedah and aka possible Banduan in Residence at Bamboo River dalam masa terdekat! 

By any criteria you will want to measure that article, people reached 121,190, or engagements 32,665 or comments made 146 or that 733 people shared that article on their FB …by any criteria you choose to measure that posting, my posting on Azeez has gone viral. Becoming “viral” on the internet means that a piece of news, an image or a video has become incredibly popular in just a matter of hours or days by being shared from thousands (sometimes even millions) of people on social media. So Mr. Azeez you are indeed a “popular” public figure in Malaysia though I could debate if “popular” would be the word to use in describing this Azeez guy. For you see this guy is also a “person of interest” to PDRM and SPRM.

This Baling Member of Parliament is facing charges for accepting bribes totaling RM5.2 million in connection with road projects in Perak and Kedah, and nine counts of money laundering, involving nearly RM140 million and Tabung Haji has since filed police reports against its former chairman and former chief executive officer Tan Sri Ismee Ismail and Datuk Seri Johan Abdullah and senior management personnel following allegations of involvement in pilfering depositors’ money. 

This Azeez guy has got friends in high places…


Interesting guy to say the least. Before any of you guys write him off as just another thief, a scammer or a failed politician, let us wait and see where he will eventually end up….in Parliament or Bamboo River….for we must admit that for many of our politicians, the line between being a thief and a politician skips the light fantastic kan?  





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