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Tabung Haji now “safely” under the control of the Malays (read Umno and PAS). Malay and Muslim rights will now be in safe hands?


Parliament: Tabung Haji not controlled by non-Muslims – Muhyiddin

KUALA LUMPUR, July 14 (Bernama) — The Pilgrims Fund Board’s (Tabung  Haji – TH) total assets have exceeded its liabilities of RM1.9 billion, and it is not controlled by non-Muslims, said Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He said TH’s assets, as on June 30, 2020, as tabled in its performance report for the first half of 2020, amounted RM78 billion. “In line with the implementation of the TH restructuring and recovery plan, assets that were less competitive were transferred to a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company, Urusharta Jamaah Sdn Bhd (UJSB), which is wholly-owned by the government under the Minister of Finance Incorporated (MKD). Therefore, TH is not controlled by non-Muslims,” ​​said the prime minister in a written reply in the Dewan Rakyat.

SOURCE :  https://www.bernama.com/en/general/news.php?id=1860364


So what if Tabung Haji is not control by non-Malays? Does it make whatever that is now wrong in Tabung Haji right? There is an RM9 billion shortfall in Malaysia’s Muslim pilgrimage savings fund Tabung Haji (TH). Assets that Tabung Haji bought for nearly RM20 billion are now worth RM9 billion less. Liabilities outstripped assets by RM4 billion on paper last year.  TH accounts were falsified and there are allegations of abuse of millions of dollars for political financing. TH was “illegally” paying dividends between 2014 and last year, as its liabilities were larger than its assets.

Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, Baling Member of Parliament, who chaired the Tabung Haji fund, has been charged under the MACC Act of 2009 and the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism, and Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act of 2001 linked to bribes and funds tied to money laundering allegedly totaled 140 million ringgit (U.S. $34.1 million).

In December 2019, Trurich Resources Sdn Bhd, a plantation company, lodged a police report accusing three former Tabung officials of making misleading statements over two overpriced palm oil plantations in Indonesia. Ismee Ismail, the former CEO of Tabung Haji, and two ex-chief executive officers of the fund’s plantation arm, along with two Indonesians were accused of misleading the company in the purchase of the palm oil plantations.

A Malaysian court also ordered the remand for Adi Azuan Abdul Ghani, Tabung Haji’s chief operating officer, who is suspected of using his position to employ an interior decorator appointed by the fund to do renovation work at his residence. Adi was held for receiving a gratuity in the form of a home renovation valued at 400,000 ringgit (U.S. $95,700). The bribe was allegedly given as a kickback after a company secured a project valued at 15 million ringgit ($3.6 million).

A former chief executive of subsidiary TH Heavy Engineering has been charged with graft. 

Is Din telling us that with Tabung Haji now “safely” under the control of the Malays (read Umno and PAS) Malay and Muslim rights will now be in safe hands? Din go tell that to the Marines…!!!


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