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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : Tun Mahathir.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Even as a blogger who writes about what is happening in my Tanah Air, what can I say about 2020? Different? Interesting? Traumatic? A revelation? Gut-wrenching? A time for reflection and change? All of the above and more?

I believe “all of the above and more” would be appropriate because all that you see happening around you today in our Tanah Air is a work in progress. Conspiracy theories are everywhere you care to look. In Kelantan, East Malaysia, Umno, PAS, PKR, Amanah, Bersatu, DAP, among the Chinese, the Malays, and the other nons, among the old and new guards of politics, among the young Turks waiting in the wings for their time to shine and among the innumerable individuals and factions…. they all think that they have a part to play in the biggest show on our Tanah Aiir….the taking of Putrajaya dalam masa terdekat!

I too have been caught up in the conundrum. Sometimes by design and at times reluctantly. There have been times when I allow myself to be swept away in the political fervor at the moment with or without malice aforethought, but when all is said and done, these are, to me, the undeniable facts.

Where there was once a time, long long ago, when Tun had courageously faced formidable foes like Ku Li, Musa, Anwar, almost half of Umno (the others are not worth mentioning!)…when Tun had faced them all and won handsomely…. today the likes of TSMY, Azmin Ali, Zuraida, Hishamuddin, Zahid Mat Arif and other pathetic treacherous Umno and ex Umno musuh dalam selimut and within Pakatan Harapan, did topple Tun from political power.

Since then in his fight back to take back what he has so easily lost to these once beholden underlings, the best that Tun has done is to propose Shafie Apdal as Prime Minister-designate and his son, Mulhriz, as TPM II for Pakatan Harapan !!!

Age has certainly blunted Tun Mahathir’s ability to survive and win over the cut and thrust of politics in Malaysia. Today we can no longer doubt that the time has come for us to leave Tun’s era behind. For sure there will still be flashes of brilliance and clarity as Tun continues to fight back against his detractors in the Back Door Government and within his own Pakatan Harapan, but in the end, the tipping point has not only been reached but the slide down towards the never never where old politicians invariably and are reluctantly put to pasture, has come for Tun and his genre. At 94, Tun Mahathir is a spent force in Malaysian politics and has overstayed his welcome back.

So what are we to do now?

I can only speak to myself. I will try to do is what I think will be best for my Tanah Air. And I, being an ordinary mortal albeit an old and wise one (do not forget that there have been many a time that wisdom has NOT come with old age!!!)…and I accept that maybe being “wise” is not a wise thing to lay claim to….so I will only reiterate that what I will try and do is to do what I think is best for my Tanah Air.

What that will be is still a work in progress but this much I will now ask of myself. What of Anwar Ibrahim? Will or should I say, can Anwar consolidate PKR? Will Anwar understand and embrace the need of having strong allies and not antagonize his potential allies. Will he be courageous enough to fight corruption? Will he work for the wellbeing of the rakyat and our Tanah Air? Will he prevail against all odds to take back Putrajaya?

Whatever Anwar will or will not do is for him to decide. For many of us, the future is uncertain. Change is the only constant in the world around us and for those of us of my genre for whom time is indeed a precious commodity, we often wonder if we will live long enough to see our Tanah Air be ours again. But time has also has taught us that in the end, good will triumph over evil. Right over wrong. And those who have done evil deeds will one day have to atone for what they have done….because if we do not believe there is Karma, then we, you and I, will leave this physical earth wondering if we had lived our life in vain!

Meanwhile…do good and be nice to one another.





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