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Let us go back to 2017. In February 2017, Tun came to the High Court to meet Anwar during a break in Anwar’s defamation suit against KJ. The meeting between Tun and Anwar was their second during a court case. They had also met at another court appearance in September the year before. I am not privy to what was discussed between the two but this much must have been discussed. Tun asked for Anwar’s support in his attempt to unseat Najib. Anwar agreed and in agreeing I am certain that Anwar’s freedom and his subsequent role within Pakatan Harapan should PH win government, must have been discussed and agreed to not only by Tun and Anwar but also I am sure, by the other members of the PH coalition. My question to Tun today is simply this “Why is not Anwar Ibrahim your choice to be PM today?” Why Shafie Apdal? 

Why did you not appoint Anwar your deputy? Why have you not attempted at every opportunity that you have had since then, done enough to ensure that Anwar Ibrahim did become PM if you are no longer PM? And not only have you not done this, but you have gone out of your way to destabilize PKR by “supporting” Azmin’s move to question Anwar’s position within PKR. You gave Azmin a position within Government that allowed him a higher profile than Azizah or Anwar. By doing this you belittle Azizah and Anwar. You ignored the video involving Azmin misdeeds. Anytime you should have been there for Anwar to consolidate his position within PKR, to consolidate Anwar’s position within Pakatan Harapan and within national politics., you choose to not only do nothing but also went out of your way to make life more difficult for Anwar. In so doing Tun, you not only disappoint us, but you also disappoint Anwar for not being there for him. Tun, you cannot undermine your own political ally. 

You said that you did not propose for Mukhriz to be DPM. Maybe you did not Tun but I am certain you can tell Mukhriz to not accept the DPM post because they are only proposing him as DPM to please you kan? And really Tun if you are stepping down as PM, for whatever reason, then does it not stand to reason that you should now totally support the appointment of Anwar as PH’s choice for PM? And if you do not, please Tun, you owe it to us to tell us why!

This continual harassment of Anwar is most unbecoming of you as the elder statement and still respected leader within PH. This is the cause of the consternation and upheaval within PH supporters today. We are conflicted because some of us support you Tun and some support Anwar. If you are now accepting that you will no longer be a leader and the choice of PH for PM, then Tun you must openly support Anwar and be there for him at all times …and you must tell your supporters to now pledged their support to Anwar as PM. 

Tun, Wan Azizah, Nurul and PKR have given their support to you when we were going through the 2018 GE – totally and without reservation. And when you did not keep to your side of the bargain, when you started to give lame excuses for not making Anwar your designated successor, you caused a lot of heartaches among them all and also within us all – for we cannot understand why you did what you did. And now Tun you are proposing Shafie Apdal instead of Anwar? Surely Tun even you can see the betrayal you have inflicted upon Anwar  – and we all do not like it too.  

If you used Anwar as a means to an end to end Najib’s regime with no intention of appointing him as PM, then Tun you are no better than any of those politicians who lie and cheat for their own purpose







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