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Dear Colleagues,

I’m writing to you personally this time, on a sombre note to inform you that I have resigned as your PGCE, effective today. There were many rumours going around about my impending departure over the weekend, please allow me to clarify.

When I took this role on, I told myself I will never waver in my principles in performing my duties. Oftentimes, making the right decisions is riddled with difficulties and some will be unpopular. The easy route would be to continue enjoying the perks of the office, whilst battling with your own good conscience. I have always believed that no individual is larger than an institution. I have no intention to drag PNB into this. PNB must be safeguarded at all costs. Hence I have chosen the difficult path, one that is lonely and devastating for my family & I.

The last straw for me was the harassment I had to endure from hate calls from unknown numbers, hacking of my other corporate email account and my LinkedIn profile. This made me increasingly worry for the wellbeing of my family. In the end, I decided that it would be unfair to my family should matters escalate. We made a big financial and family sacrifice to relocate back to KL from Singapore because I truly wanted to contribute to nation-building. I’m disappointed this has to come to an abrupt end.

I do not regret at all my decision to join PNB. The past 9 months have been rewarding for me. I’ve learnt so much and had the privilege to know you all better. You all have been welcoming, showing me great hospitality and displaying genuine dedication and desire to make PNB a better place. I’m so very proud of all of you for embracing the many changes that came your way; workplace transformation, flexible work arrangement, reorganisation of the firm, Focus-4, stewardship framework and embracing technology. Thank you for your commitment and never-ending support.

Thank you to the PNB Board for the wonderful & unwavering support. It’s the best board any CEO can hope for. Special mention to Tan Sri chairman for giving me the opportunity to serve PNB and taking the plunge with an ‘unknown’. I have learnt greatly under her guidance and will have fond memories of our weekly discussions and advice Tan Sri has always given me. I hope one day Tan Sri will write her memoirs so everybody would benefit from her wisdom as I have.

To my leadership team, thank you for believing in me and being supportive of my initiatives. I have tried very hard to be inclusive and widening the decision-making process. I apologise I am not able to see this journey through with you till the end. Please continue your initiatives and give the incoming PGCE the same support you have extended me.

To the PGCE office. Dena, who’s always looking out for me and family. Yusri who never allows me to walk anywhere and whom my children adore. Hasni, for always being the glue that keeps Balai Level 3 a cohesive unit. Thank you all for taking care of me. The Strategy team for all the hours you’ve spent with me carving out my vision for PNB. Abbas, my rock who from day one has been on call any time of the day to co-ordinate the organisation and offer me the sounding board I need. I will miss you all dearly.

Last but not least, my family who throughout the last few days have rallied together to give me the confidence and support. My wife especially, who sacrificed her own aspiration in order to allow me to forge ahead in my career. When we moved back to KL, I told her it will be worth it. I’m sorry it did not work out as planned. We celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday, a milestone that will have a lot of meaning this time around, as we ponder our next step in life. We take solace that Allah knows best and always with the righteous.

I‘m sorry that I am not able to say goodbye to everybody given the circumstances. I hope I have made a positive contribution to PNB and you as employees feel the change. I wanted to make PNB cool again, and feel we have achieved that somewhat. You can stay in touch with me through Twitter @jalilpnb (I will change my handle) but I will be deactivating my @jalilpnb Instagram account. I plan on taking some time off with my family, to gather my thoughts and decide on my next step.

I would like to apologise if I have offended anyone during my time as PGCE. Please always stay the course, never waver in integrity and always be guided by principles. Always remember we have 14m unitholders that depend on you to give them returns on their hard-earned money. It is an Amanah that has been entrusted upon you, and ultimately we are only answerable to One.

Take care of yourselves, take care of PNB. It has been my privilege to be your PGCE. I am signing off for the last time.

Terima kasih & good-bye.

[email protected]