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Let us do what Umno does.

Let us do what Umno does.
Do you see anyone in Umno fighting to be Umno’s choice as Prime Minister? No, you don’t.
Do you see any factions within Umno fighting to advance their personal interests and agendas? No, you don’t.
Do you see any pretenders within Umno challenging the president of Umno for the same position? No, you don’t.
Do you see anyone speaking for Umno except their President? No, you don’t.
Do you see Umno descend into turmoil and break into a thousand factions when they lost the last general election? No, they don’t. Najib resigned and Zahid Hamidi took over as its president. End of story.
Do you see Umno having meetings after meetings and tell us that while the meeting had been positive and that many things were agreed upon, BUT, it will take another week before an announcement is made as to what has been finally agreed to by all present? No, you don’t because Umno is “united” and will abide by what the MKT has decided.
So is Umno not now in turmoil? Is there not a tussle going on between the Najib and Zahid Hamidi’s faction? Yes, there is. Is there not dissatisfaction within the rank and file of Umno as to what its leaders are doing for themselves, for Umno and for Malaysia? Yes, there is but these are discussed and debated upon behind closed doors. To all intents and purposes and for the world to see, Umno is united.
So PH, let us do what Umno does!!!
For starters will Anwar stop going around telling anybody who will listen to him that Tun has agreed that he will PH choice to be Prime Minister should PH win government at the next PRU! Mahathir agreed to no such thing!!!