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Selamat Pagi Malaysia : Lawan Mesti Lawan.

Selamat Pagi Malaysia. Pagi Ahad dalam bulan June 2020. Try as I might, the doom and gloom of our Malaysia hurtling towards Armageddon are truly impossible to shake off. There are leaders in Bolehland but no leadership. Everywhere you care to look, there is arrogance, greed, and hubris. Same story in Putrajaya but with a different Prime Minister. Thank God, so far, there is not another Rosmah. How have we arrived at this wretched time of our nation’s history within two years of winning the moral and ethical high ground of politics when we voted kleptocracy out and Pakatan Harapan in? What have we done to deserve such a fate?

There is no good answer to that question. None that I can think of this morning that will allow any of you to think yourself blameless for the state of our nation today. I am 6000km away in Melbourne and I know that I am part of the problems that now beset Malaysian today because I have not done enough to keep our Tanah Air ours! But, I am comforted by one thought. That I am also part of the solution to that problem. Me…6000km away, a survivor from the times of Tunku, Razak, Hussein and Mahathir and certainly a Malaysian whose very psyche and being is rooted totally within what we all call our Tanah Air….yes, me and also you guys out there…we are part of the solution to the problems that now beset our Tanah Air. And as that thought comforts me, so should that thought comfort you.

The truth is simply this. We are responsible to make right what is wrong with our Tanah Air….no two ways about it. I have known this for the best part of the last ten years and it is a responsibility I take not too lightly. With little exception, I wake up almost every morning of the last ten years and write about this responsibility that we all bear. For the past ten years, almost every waking hour of my life is spent focus on trying to make right what is wrong with our Tanah Air. For the past two years after 2018, I thought that maybe, there is life after Umno for our Tanah Air and for us all. For the past two years I thought that even if we had not yet won the war against arrogance, greed, and hubris, we have at least won a few crucial battles.

Yes, we have won some crucial battles. And yes there are still battles to fought and won if we are to win the war against greed, arrogance, and hubris.

Sorry guys do indulge me in my rantings this morning. I saw the comments below about TSMY taking out Wan Zul from Petronas – a Fortune 500 company and putting Wan Zul in MAS, a bankrupt company! Where is the logic? Where is the rationality of doing so? There is no logic, there is no rationality in TSMY’s action. Only arrogance, greed, and hubris.

So keep the rage within you burning. We still have battles to be fought before the war against arrogance, greed and hubris are won. I am in that war. Friends, come join me. Lawan Mesti Lawan



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